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Hundreds of Science Podcasts Available

From Cambridge University, the Naked Scientists podcasts cover a remarkably diverse array of topics from gravitational waves to sonic booms. There are over one thousand talks available at this site, averaging around 21-23 minutes apiece for regular episodes. Special topical reports are normally shorter in duration; many other features add to the utility of this site.


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How Lifestyle Choices Affect Cardiovascular Health

Healthy Lifestyle Characteristics and Their Joint Association With Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers in US Adults (Mayo Clinic Proceedings) revealed that most of us do NOT live lives that are conducive to a healthy heart. In this study, only 2.7% of the participants had the four lifestyle characteristics associated with healthy living. The four are: a healthy diet, normal body fat percentage, sufficient physical activity, and not smoking. Here is part of the summation: “Compared with men, women were more likely to not smoke and to eat a healthy diet and were less likely to be sufficiently active….    Adults 60 years and older had fewer healthy lifestyle characteristics compared with adults 20 to 39 years of age. Compared with non-Hispanic white and non-Hispanic black adults, Mexican American adults were more likely to consume a healthy diet.”(5)

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Socioeconomic and Demographic Profiles of ALL States’ Voters in the Primaries and Caucuses

Here is where the Census Bureau has assembled a multitude of data points concerning the electorates of each state holding primaries or caucuses. Religious affiliation of the voters can be found at Pew Religious Landscape Study. (The Census Bureau does not ask questions about religion.) Party affiliations (Democrat or Republican) along with ideological makeup of voters can be found here.

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The Changing Face of Immigration in the United States

Integration of Immigrants into American Society is a timely study from the National Academies Press; it details how immigrants and the policies that decide their fate have changed over the years. Topics explored include legal status, socioeconomic and sociocultural concerns, health and access to care, political ideology, among others. Recommendations for future actions end this tome while relevant citations and data supplement the text. A valuable read especially given the tenor of discussions during this presidential election year. Two excellent sites to keep abreast on immigration are Pew Research Center: Immigration and Migration Policy Institute. Please also peruse this March 14, 2016 CRS report – U.S. Immigration Policy: Chart Book of Key Trends.


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NJCU’s Max Herman Talks on NJTV About the Tensions In the Gentrification of Jersey City

At the 21 minute mark, there is a five-minute report highlighting the gentrification of Jersey City and its effects on neighborhoods; Max Herman is interviewed and pinpoints areas of concern.

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Who Is Merrick Garland?

President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court, that’s who. Here is some information on him courtesy of The New York Times; more sites of relevance include: NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

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Overview of Construction Activity In Hudson County

This lengthy article highlights some of the recent developments in the construction of residential buildings in Hudson County; it seems that every municipality has some projects under way.

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