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Online State Encyclopedias: Colorado

The Colorado Encyclopedia, although it is in “prototype” development, has enough information to provide a reader with a multitude of topics. Broadly arranged by people, places, events, and things, this site contains articles that include internal links, bibliographies, and outside sites of relevance. For instance, the article on Kit Carson is headed by the last photo of him and then proceeds to offer a reasoned biography of the man along with internal links to other articles in the encyclopedia and outside readings. Well worth a perusal.

There are now 23 online state encyclopedias that meet specific criteria for inclusion in this blog.

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Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

Of the top eleven cities, five are in Texas. Data, charts, and key facts are all available here from the Census Bureau.

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New Jersey’s Fastest Growing High Tech Companies

Deloitte has issued its 2015 North America Fast Winners, a listing of high-performing, fast-growing, disruptive -technology-producing companies; New Jersey has ten on this list, including Jersey City’s own  SPHERE Technology Solutions, coming in at number 131. Please read New Heights for High-Tech Startups from New Jersey Business.

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Harvard Business School Working Papers

“A working paper summarizes original research in a narrow segment of a field of study, and is intended for publication within a period of one to three years.” (Introduction) Hundreds of papers are freely available and can be searched by topic, industry, geographic area, author, and date.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: North Carolina

The Colonial and State Records of North Carolina are comprised of twenty-six volumes holding thousands of documents. Published between 1886 and 1905, the first ten volumes deal with colonial times; volumes 11-22 contain material on state affairs through 1790; and the last four hold state laws (1670-1790) and the 1790 Census. Additionally, please consult the North Carolina Newspaper project for thousands of articles dating back to 1756.

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Jersey City’s Population Increases from 2010 to 2015

According to Census Bureau estimates that were just released, Jersey City, the 75th most populous city in the country, saw its population increase by 16,600 from 2010 to 2015 while Newark, at the 70th slot, witnessed a 4,800 increase over the same time period. Jersey City’s numbers increased by 6.7%, Newark’s by 1.7%.

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The Tech Sector in New Jersey and the Other States

This report summarizes the status of the tech industry in the fifty states; it is replete with  tables detailing the scope and size of tech activities, from average salaries to leading tech industry sectors. Much of the New Jersey information is found on page 47 as an infographic. Appendix A contains national data while Appendix B has state comparative data. Page 78 of this report contains statistics that reinforce the findings that the tech industry is heavily populated by males.

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