Online Primary Sources for American History: Connecticut

The Public Records of the Colony of Connecticut is a 15-volume compilation of laws, conveyances, land grants, council minutes from 1636-1776. In addition, the following also provide information on this time period:


Records of the colony and plantation of New-Haven, from 1638 to 1649; Records of the colony or jurisdiction of New Haven, from May, 1653, to the union. Together with the New Haven code of 1656; Ancient town records [New Haven, 1649-1769].


A complete biographical listing of governors is here.

The Winthrop papers [John Winthrop the Younger, Governor, 1657-1658, 1659-1676; Fitz-John Winthrop, Governor, 1698-1707); The Talcott papers; correspondence and documents (chiefly official) during Joseph Talcott’s governorship of the colony of Connecticut, 1724-41;  The Law papers [Jonathan Law, Governor, 1741-1750]; The Pitkin papers [William Pitkin, Governor, 1766-1769]; The Fitch papers : correspondence and documents during Thomas Fitch’s governorship of the colony of Connecticut, 1754-1766; The Trumbull Papers [Jonathan Trumbull, Governor, 1769-1776]; and Letters from the English kings and queens Charles II, James II, William and Mary, Anne, George II, &c. to the governors of the colony of Connecticut, together with the answers thereto, from 1635 to 1749.

Many additional sources – letters, journals, extracts, muster rolls, etc – can be found in the Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society of which the first ninetten volumes are accessible online.



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