U.S. Intelligence Reforms in the 1970s

As this 2005 report from the CIA states: “To understand the Intelligence Community as it exists today thus requires some grounding in how it has evolved from World War II into its present complex, diffuse, and often bewildering form. It is this paper’s purpose to explain the evolution of today’s Intelligence Community by examining the principal reform efforts that various surveys, study commissions, and task forces have undertaken since 1947.”(1) This report lists the main reform projects undertaken and offers a summary of their respective findings. To augment this report, having recourse to the following Foreign Relations of the United States volumes will provide valuable primary sources: Organization and Management of U.S. Foreign Policy, 1969–1972, Volume II; Organization and Management of Foreign Policy; Public Diplomacy, 1973–1976, Volume XXXVIII, Part 2; and Organization and Management of Foreign Policy, Volume XXVIII.



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