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How Many Students and Teachers Will There Be in 2024?

The Projections of Education Statistics to 2024 is the 43rd iteration of this annual title from NCES. “…Projections of Education Statistics provides projections for key education statistics, including enrollment, graduates, teachers, and expenditures in elementary and secondary public and private schools, as well as enrollment and degrees conferred at degree-granting postsecondary institutions….  Also included are state-level data on enrollment in public elementary and secondary schools and public high schools beginning in 1990, with projections to 2024. “(1)



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Selected Topics in Nursing

Three times a year, The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, publishes Journal Topics that is an issue-driven examination of some important aspect of nursing. Each issue is edited by an expert in the field, the articles are professional and erudite, links are given where/when available, and the supporting bibliographies act as a guide to relevant literature. Sixty of these presentations have been published so far; they range from Cornerstone Documents in Healthcare to Compassion Fatigue: Caregivers at Risk. So if you are looking for a topic to explore, why not review those listed at this site?

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Making New Jersey Colleges More Affordable

The final report of the New Jersey College Affordability Study Commission has just been released. It lists many recommendations within it to make going to college in the state less of a financial burden. It needs to be remembered that New Jersey ranks as the fourth most expensive state to attend public college. And once again, it needs to be pointed out that New Jersey City University charges the least tuition of any public college in the state.

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Health, United States, 2015

The newest annual edition of this valuable statistical tool was released this month. It “… presents an annual overview of national trends in health statistics. The report contains a Chartbook that assesses the nation’s health by presenting trends and current information on selected measures of morbidity, mortality, health care utilization and access, health risk factors, prevention, health insurance, and personal health care expenditures. This year’s Chartbook includes a Special Feature on racial and ethnic health disparities.”

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Rising Tuition Costs at Public Colleges

This interactive site from ProPublica traces the seemingly ineluctable increase in tuition from 2000/01 to 2014/15 as well as tracking the downward slide in income. You can get the results either state by state or by institution. NJCU, as always, fares well.

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The 2016 Presidential Debate: Who Said What Last Night and Was It True?

A lot of assertions and numbers were slung around the auditorium at Hofstra last night. Come here to find out if what Clinton and Trump said was true or not.

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FBI Latest Annual Report on Crime

It looks like violent crime is up, as are murders, according the 2015 Crime in the United States just released by the FBI. This iteration, while showing an uptick, still has data indicating that crime is down relative to prior years. See this Brennan Center report as well.

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