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Characteristics of Voting Age Population by State and Congressional District

These tables from the Census Bureau give statistics on age groups, race, Hispanic origin, educational attainment, poverty status, and income levels for every state and district. Don’t know what Congressional district you are in? Then come here and find out.

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Contesting Presidential Elections

Of late we have been hearing a lot about “rigged” elections or contesting the results of the presidential election. Here is some relevant information on this process: the ever-reliable CRS offers Legal Processes for Contesting the Results of a Presidential Election. Other valuable insights can be gleaned from: Electoral College 2016 (National Archives); How Would a Contested Election Work? Five Things to Know (NBC); Contested presidential elections, and why parties try to avoid them (Pew); and Bitter and Contested Elections in America’s History (NPR).

And just so you don’t think that this only occurs in the presidential arena, here are a couple of interesting articles: Partisanship and Contested Election Cases in the House of Representatives, 1789–2002 and Partisanship and Contested Election Cases in the Senate, 1789–2002 (both from Studies in American Political Development).


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Today is the Last Day in New Jersey to Register to Vote

If you ain’t registered, don’t complain. You still have time to register.

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2016 New York ComicCon Wrap-up

We are not ashamed to say that we are big fans of science fiction, that we have been reading it for more than fifty years. In fact, the first books we ever bought when we were ten years old were the first volumes of Horatio Hornblower and a handful of Robert Heinlein‘s novels. So while we did not go to ComicCon (we sent our son as our avatar), we do want to point you to this website that contains full-length author interviews and panel discussions. Enjoy!

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ISIS and Its Use of Media

Communication Breakdown: Unraveling the Islamic State’s media Efforts (Combating Terrorism Center, West Point) is a data-rich, graphic-laden report. As the executive summary points out: “Given the focus that the Islamic State places on its media activities, it is important for those fighting the group to have a level of familiarity with the breadth, content, and nature of these activities. The goal of this report is twofold. First, it attempts to examine declassified documents captured from the group’s predecessors to provide a baseline understanding of its present-day media structure and operations. Second, through an examination of over 9,000 Islamic State official media products, this report offers detailed insight into what the group is saying and what a study of its propaganda can tell us about its strengths, weaknesses, and struggles.”(7) A good summary of this report is available from The New York Times. The Brookings Institution has also examined this topic; its reports are here. And let us not forget this RAND report –Examining ISIS Support and Opposition Networks on Twitter.


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Online Primary Sources for American History: New Hampshire

State and Provincial Papers of New Hampshire is a forty-volume series that delves into the early years of the state from 1623 to 1846. Published between 1867 and at least 1943, these books are divided into separate series: State and Provincial Papers(material from the state House of Representatives, General Assembly, State Council, etc); Town Papers; Revolutionary Rolls; Town Charters; Probate Records; and Court Records.

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Archaeology in Great Britain

“The Archaeology Data Service supports research, learning and teaching with freely available, high quality and dependable digital resources. It does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in archaeology.” To support this goal, the ADS allows access to hundreds of thousands of documents, ranging from archaeological journals to books/monographs to unpublished field reports. Its Archsearch feature aggregates material from a wide variety of sources such as the  Historic England National Inventory, various archaeological trusts, and the Council for British Archaeology. A great site!

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