ISIS and Its Use of Media

Communication Breakdown: Unraveling the Islamic State’s media Efforts (Combating Terrorism Center, West Point) is a data-rich, graphic-laden report. As the executive summary points out: “Given the focus that the Islamic State places on its media activities, it is important for those fighting the group to have a level of familiarity with the breadth, content, and nature of these activities. The goal of this report is twofold. First, it attempts to examine declassified documents captured from the group’s predecessors to provide a baseline understanding of its present-day media structure and operations. Second, through an examination of over 9,000 Islamic State official media products, this report offers detailed insight into what the group is saying and what a study of its propaganda can tell us about its strengths, weaknesses, and struggles.”(7) A good summary of this report is available from The New York Times. The Brookings Institution has also examined this topic; its reports are here. And let us not forget this RAND report –Examining ISIS Support and Opposition Networks on Twitter.



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