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A Surge in Public Acts of Discrimination After Trump’s Election

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center in this new report, there has been a large increase in acts of public discrimination as well as an uptick in the sheer virulence of these affronts to human decency. Against every possible group and in as many different settings as possible.


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2016 International Education Statistics

Open Doors Data from the Institute of International Education provides a plethora of information on international students studying here and their economic impact,  the universities in each state with the highest number of international students (here is New Jersey), places of origin, majors undertaken, enrollment trends; and U.S. students studying aboard along with a whole range of pertinent statistics as well.

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Is This the Beginning of Warp Drive?

This recently-released article gives us a tantalizing look at alternate technologies for rocket engines, even though this engine may violate the laws of physics. This entry from the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction details faster than light (FTL) representations in literature. More mundane musings on this proposed process can be found in: National Geographic, Forbes, and

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Thanksgiving Facts and Figures from the Census Bureau

How many towns are named Cranberry? How many billions of pounds of sweet potatoes were produced in the United States? How many homes have ovens/stoves to prepare this feast? These and other burning questions can be answered here.

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“Facing Addiction in America”

The stark reality is that MILLIONS of Americans are in thrall to drugs and/or alcohol; many will not address the underlying problems or simply will not acknowledge that they have a disease. How many of us know loved ones who have succumbed to the insidiousness of these killers? This Surgeon General’s report – the first of its kind – should act as a rallying cry.

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Jersey City Makes List of Best Places to Live for Tech Entrepreneurs

Jersey City joins a distinguished list of cities tagged with being the best for IT professionals.

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Inside Trump Tower

If you want to see how the 1% of the 1% live, take a look at these floor plans for Trump Tower.

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