Civil-Military Relations

In preparing for a class on this topic, I came across some valuable sites that are of interest:

CIA World Factbook (Continuously updated)

Civil Military Relations: A Selected Bibliography (US Army War College, 2011)

Civil Military Relations [Bibliography] (US Air University Library, 1993). Old but contains references easily overlooked in more recent listings. Good for historical background.)

Civil-military relations in humanitarian crises (European Commission)

Council on Foreign Relations. (Numerous reports, many on foreign countries)

Country Profiles (Though no longer updated, these volumes do provide valuable historical background.)

Defense Technical Information Center. (Over 3000 research papers, theses, dissertations on CMR, many dealing with various countries.)

European Parliament Think Tank. (Dozens of reports.)

Rand Corporation. CivilMilitary Relations.

Strategic Studies Institute (Many relevant reports).

Trends and challenges in humanitarian civil military coordination: a review of the literature (HPG, 2012)

Additional U.S. reports:

Afghanistan: changes to updated U.S. civil-military strategic framework reflect evolving U.S. role. (US GAO, 2014)

Civil Military Programs (US GAO; older report from 1998 but still relevant)

The civil society-military relationship in Afghanistan (US Institute of Peace, 2010)

Civil support, DOD needs to clarify its roles and responsibilities for defense support of civil authorities during cyber incidents : report to congressional committees (US GAO, 2016)

Defense support of civil authorities : a vital resource in the nation’s homeland security missions : hearing before the Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications of the Committee on Homeland Security, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, first session, June 10, 2015.

Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way: rethinking and refining the civil-military relationship (Strategic Studies Institute, 2012)

The limits of military officers’ duty to obey civilian orders : a neo-classical perspective (Strategic Studies Institute, 2015)

Unity of mission : civilian-military teams in war and peace (Air University Press, 2016)

An author to read: Peter D Feaver.

Another author: Deborah Pearlstein “The Soldier, the State, and the Separation of Power” (2011, very thorough bibliography)

 Another author: Samuel P Huntington. His classic work – The Soldier and the State – is excerpted online. His 1993 article  – The Clash of Civilizations? Should just be read for its prescience.






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