President Trump’s “Executive Actions”

The media have been using various terms to describe President Trump’s various executive directives; they actually fall into three separate categories: executive orders, presidential memos, and national security presidential memos. The first two, while labeled differently, have essentially the same impact; the latter, in divergence with previous administrations, are available in public. You can find his executive orders here; his presidential memoranda are here; and his national security presidential memoranda are here. So if you want to find out what document implemented the bans, or the shake-up of the National security Council, or allowed the Keystone XL Pipeline to move forward, use the above links to find them. We last addressed executive orders in 2009; both this recent Pew report and this Washington Post article are worthwhile reads. These CRS reports also offer current information: President Trump Freezes Federal Civil Service Hiring; Keystone Revival: Executive Memorandum Paves Way for Possible Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline; Dakota Access Pipeline: Siting Controversy; Affordable Care Act Executive Order: Legal Considerations, Abortion and Family Planning-Related Provisions in U.S. Foreign Assistance Law and Policy.


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