Online Primary Sources: Renaissance and Reformation

These are limited to English-language sources only:

The adventurous Simplicissimus : being the description of the life of a vagabond named Melchior Sternfels von Fechshaim (published in 1669, it was one of the most widely read novels in Germany during the 17th century. It deals with the Thirty Years’ War)

Catholic Encyclopedia (not a primary source but it does provide context; beware its age and bias; still usable, however)

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (hundreds of authors, thousands of works)

Gleanings of a few scattered ears during the period of the Reformation in England [microform] : and of the times immediately succeeding : A.D. 1533 to A.D. 1588

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Reformation Europe

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Renaissance

A Literary Source-Book of the Renaissance

Luther’s correspondence and other contemporary letters

Memoirs of the life and writings of John Calvin; compiled from the narrative of Theodore Beza, and other authentic documents

Online Primary Sources: German History (coverage starts in 1500)

Online Primary Sources: Modern French History, 1500-1871

The Protestant Reformation (primary sources listed by author)

Readings in European history; a collection of extracts from the sources (especially vol. 2)

Renaissance Sites and Elizabethan Resources (Primary/secondary sources)

Testimony of the Reformers…. (English Reformation)

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Translations and reprints from the original sources of European history. Volumes 1-4; volumes 5-6


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