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Recent U.S.Documents in the News

There have been more than a few important documents released of late. Among them: the Senate’s version of  the health care bill or its actual title – Better Care Reconcilitation Act of 2017; the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of this bill; and the Supreme Court’s per curiam decision on President Trump’s travel ban. SCOTUSblog has an excellent round-up of commentary on this ruling.


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Lesson Plans from The New York Times

Throughout the year, The New York Times publishes lesson plans on a wide variety of topics and subjects ranging from history to science to literacy skills. Each plan comes with links both to internal New York Times resources as well as to reputable outside sites. Where needed, charts and graphs supplement the presentations. At the end of the year, the newspaper aggregates all the plans into one site for ease of searching. Past lesson plans can also be accessed. This lesson plan proves to be especially relevant: Evaluating Sources in a ‘Post-Truth’ World: Ideas for Teaching and Learning About Fake News.

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Congressional Research Service’s 2016 Annual Report

This iteration highlights that “…Congress relied on CRS expertise, placing more than 62,000 requests for custom analysis and research. The Service hosted more than 9,200 congressional participants at seminars, briefings, and training; published more than 3,500 new or updated reports; summarized more than 6,300 bills; and maintained nearly 10,000 products on its website for Congress….”(iii) FYI, this $100,000,000 Congressional think tank is a branch of the Library of Congress. More on it here.

For those who would like access to the “products”; i.e., reports, sidebars, documents, etc. generated by the CRS in fulfillment of its mission, please go to either FAS (Federation of American Scientists) Congressional Research Reports page or (contrary to the .com suffix, the reports are freely available).


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Live! – Ex-FBI Director Comey’s Testimony Before Senate Intelligence Committee

His highly anticipated appearance begins at 10am today.

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Former FBI Director Comey’s Prepared Statement Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Although he is testifying tomorrow, the Senate Intelligence Committee has just released his opening statement. It is riveting reading.

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Upcoming Congressional Intelligence Hearings

There are many hearings in Congress on various security-related issues. These two seem most relevant: Senior security officials testify re: FISA before the Senate Intelligence Committee today,  and former FBI Director James Comey testifies before the same committee tomorrow on the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. More than 100 additional hearings before this committee can also be viewed; they all come with searchable transcripts.

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National Security Reports – May 2017 Update

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