Online Primary Sources: The Verney Family

This long-lived family has its roots in 13th century England and still has an impact on that country today. Its members have included the mayor of London, members of Parliament, a pirate, a Middle East trader, and opposing sides in the English civil war.

Secondary sources on this distinguished family can be found in:

Verney, Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th ed; History of Parliament (has numerous biographies on the various Verneys who have sat); Memoirs of the Verney Family, Edinburgh Review, 17(July-Oct., 1892): 411-430; Parishes : Middle Claydon’, in A History of the County of Buckingham: Volume 4, ed. William Page (1927); and a contemporary accounting is available at the August 30, 2001 obituary of Sir Ralph Verney.

Primary sources include:

Verney papers : Notes of proceedings in the long Parliament, temp. Charles I. printed from original pencil memoranda taken in the House by Sir Ralph Verney (1845).

Letters and papers of the Verney family down to the end of the year 1639.(1853).

Report of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts, volume 7, appendix, pp. 433+ (1870).

Memoirs of the Verney family during the seventeenth century / compiled from the papers and illustrated by the portraits at Claydon house. (2d ed, 2 vols, 1907).

Numerous references will be found in British History Online, a remarkable compendium of primary and secondary sources.

BTW, this is the blog’s 2500th entry.



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