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Walk, Don’t Run, Just Walk

Walking can be done anywhere, requires no expensive gear, can be done by yourself or with others, and you don’t have to pay membership fees. It is the best method for keeping yourself healthy. If you don’t believe that, peruse this special issue of the prestigious British Medical Journal. Although most of the contents are behind paywalls, the two original studies (here and here) are freely available. The conclusion of the first article says it all: “Walking is known to benefit health. Assuming causal relationships, these analyses suggest that increasing walking pace could be linked with lower risk for all-cause and CVD [cardio-vascular disease] mortality.”

A quick review of “walking” and “heath benefits” in PubMed Central garners over 8,000 full text articles, an indication of the validity of walking as a healthy activity. Strap on your sneakers and get moving!

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Puerto Rico One Year Later

This special report from The New York Times, makes for sobering reading. On-the-ground reporting in addition to data analysis present a picture that is at odds with what the administration has been saying for some time. Features from NPR and CNN validate the paper’s findings.

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Updated Profile of Congress (September 12, 2018)

This statistical report highlights some of the main characteristics of Congress as a whole; it is updated as necessary throughout a Congressional term.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: “Jersey City News”

There is an immediacy to newspapers, a “lived” feeling not present in dusty tomes or learned articles. It is a more personal odyssey, articles sometimes written under deadlines or emotional distress.

If you think current politics in Jersey City are a sign of the times, please think again. The pages of the Jersey City News are replete with shenanigans dating back to the late 19th century. This almost complete run, from 1889-1906, provides a unique view of newsworthy events through Jersey eyes. The Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection, the Irish question,  the assassination of President McKinley, politics involving freeholders, the complaints about the sewer systems, all these topics and more are covered in these pages. Another local primary source well worth perusing.

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Oxford’s Annual J R R Tolkien Lecture

In honor of Tolkien, who was a professor at Pembroke College, Oxford, Pembroke has established an annual lecture series to explore fantasy literature. So far a half a dozen luminaries from this field have spoken at this meeting. To watch the videos of these lectures, please come here.

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Astounding Stories

Astounding Stories (its title varies) was first published in 1930; what is located here are full text issues from the beginning until early in 1933. Featuring lurid covers (many of reproduced in this selection), this monthly brought Ray Cummings and Murray Leinster to the public’s eye. Over the years, Astounding published some of the best science fiction under the tutelage of legendary editor John W Campbell, an author in his own right.; its successor today is Analog. For additional information on magazines of this kind (called “pulps”), this is a most informative site.

A book has just been published devoted to this magazine; you can read parts of it online.

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National Defense University Press

The NDU Press publishes on a wide variety of military and security-related topics. Running the gamut from papers to monographs, the Press publishes both practitioner-based and scholarly works. Some recent examples include: Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Demosthenes, Churchill, and the Consensus Delusion and The Armed Forces Officer (a classic, required read). From biological warfare to military history to space operations, the Press is sure to have something of interest to those who visit its site. And all the titles are available for free downloads!

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