National Security Reports – August 2018 Update

The 6 Types Of Cyber Attacks To Protect Against In 2018 (LLRX); Eligible Receiver 97: Seminal DOD Cyber Exercise Included Mock Terror Strikes and Hostage Simulations (National Security Archive. Briefing Book 634); Engaging the Private-Sector Health Care System in Building Capacity to Respond to Threats to the Public’s Health and National Security: Proceedings of a Workshop (NAP); Cooperative Threat Reduction Programs for the Next Ten Years and Beyond (NAP); and Authority for Support of Special Operations for Irregular Warfare (IW) (Defense Department).

Election Security: Issues in the 2018 Midterm ElectionsProliferation Security Initiative (PSI), Strange Occurrences Highlight Insider Threat to Aviation Security, Taiwan: Select Political and Security IssuesMexico’s Immigration Control EffortsFamily Separation at the Border and the Ms. L. LitigationPipeline Safety: Overdue Statutory Mandates, Iran’s Ballistic Missile and Space Launch ProgramsNorth Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation, North Korea’s Nuclear and Ballistic Missile Programs (all CRS).


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