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The Need to Fund Community Colleges

This report from the Century Foundation – Recommendations for Providing Community Colleges with the Resources They Need – states that “…the lion’s share of the blame lies with policymakers who systematically shortchange community colleges financially, giving two-year institutions the fewest resources to educate those students who tend to have the greatest needs.”

More than 9 million students are enrolled in this country’s 1000+ community colleges, yet many do not progress to four-year institutions, nor do they graduate from the two-year colleges.

The report calls for extensive research into what resources are necessary to provide community colleges with the tools needed to help students succeed. Heavily referenced and replete with charts/tables, this report outlines priorities and steps to achieve adequate support for community colleges.


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Who is Running for President in 2020?

As far as can be tabulated – everyone is. With Joe Biden stepping into the ring this morning, there are at least 22 confirmed candidates. This feature from The New York Times serves as a handy guide for this crowded field. For more information, please go to this Ballotpedia site to see the more than 600 individuals who have filed with the FEC to run for president; this page also offers up a host of salient reference points.

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Historian Robert Caro and Doing Research in the Digital Age

This is an enlightening interview of interest to anyone who does historical research.

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Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2018

Containing data from 2015 through 2017 this voluminous compendium details various aspects of crime at all levels of the education sector. Bullying, victimization, active shootings are some of the topics highlighted. Handy “Spotlights” add to the utility of this work.

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2019 Survey of Community College Presidents

What keeps these esteemed individuals awake at night: diminishing financial support, student success, graduation/retention rates? This report, based on results from a Gallup survey that is the product of 235 returned questionnaires, reveals some salient points:

“One in 10 community college presidents indicate their institution offers bachelor’s degree programs, though only 1 percent say it offers a wide range of four-year degree programs.

Community college leaders largely endorse the idea of community colleges offering bachelor’s degrees and believe doing so would increase access to higher education and reduce the racial gap in degree attainment. They do not, however, believe states provide enough financial support to ensure the degrees are high quality.

Two-thirds of presidents at four-year colleges strongly disagree or disagree that community colleges should be able to offer baccalaureate degrees. Their greatest concerns are lowering degree quality and mission creep.

Community college presidents’ greatest concern about offering bachelor’s degree programs is that their budgets will be stretched too far.” (7)

Numerous graphs and charts add to the utility of this timely document. An added bonus is to have the reactions of four-year college presidents intermixed on the question that pertains to the perceived “mission creep” inherent in community colleges awarding bachelor degrees. (see p.13)



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2018 Population Estimates for Counties Released

The Census Bureau has just made available the 2018 population estimates for every county in the country. To review these figures and find out if the population has increased or decreased over the years since 2010,  come here.

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Women in Congress: Statistics and Serving History

There have been 365 women elected to Congress since 1917. These two 2019 reports from CRS will provide apposite information: Women in Congress: Statistics and Brief Overview and Women in Congress, 1917-2019; the latter report details committee memberships in its 120 pages. See on what committees AOC is serving. Additional biographical information can be garnered from the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress.


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