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2019 New Jersey Memorial Day Events

Parades, celebrations, and other events will be held throughout the state; this leisure guide provides additional activities. Here you will find a fuller listing for Hudson County.

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Renovation Plans for the Port Authority Bus Terminal Revealed

This 181-page scoping document presents three alternative construction scenarios to replace the aging structure, considered the world’s busiest bus terminal. Options include  rebuilding it while still having buses use the terminal, converting the bottom level of the Javits Center into a bus terminal, or using the bottom level of the Javits Center to accommodate long-haul buses and leave the terminal to service commuters, primarily from New Jersey. This press release provides additional information.

Here is a brief official history of the bus terminal; here is an FAQ about the master plan.

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2019 “Condition of Education”

This annual report highlights through uses of massive amounts of data the state of the education sector from pre-k through college. Two very important “spotlights” are included in this year’s version: Young Adult Educational and Employment Outcomes by Family Socioeconomic Status and Postsecondary Outcomes for Nontraditional Undergraduate Students. In light of recent reports of parents scheming to get their children into elite colleges, the first report makes it clear that parental socioeconomic factors do play a significant role in college attendance/completion. The second report, the first time it has been issued, traces the educational path taken by “nontraditional” students; it includes data on completion, transfer, and enrollment rates.

Another relevant report is The Postsecondary Undergraduate Population: Student Income and Demographics from CRS.

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Photos of NJCU 2019 Commencement

There are more than 100, courtesy of

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2019 NJCU Commencement Live!

Watch here it on NJCU’s YouTube channel; it starts at 9am.

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What is Socialism?

With the 2020 presidential campaign already in full swing, the term “socialism” has been bandied about by both sides of the political spectrum. This piece from the Brookings Institution explains the development of this ideology and its incorporation into current affairs. It also offers an examination of this movement in the governments of the United Kingdom and Germany. A much lengthier treatment of this term can be found here courtesy of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Another Groundbreaking for University Place

University Place, NJCU’s transformative project on the city’s West Side, continues to grow as Rivet 2 was formally started yesterday.

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