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2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools Announced

Find out what New Jersey schools made the list. There are numerous filters at the main site to drill down the among the 362 schools that won this award; you can also access all the winners since 1982.

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Resources on Impeachment

For those who would like a brief overview of impeachment, please read The Constitutional Grounds for Impeachment authored by the House Committee on the Judiciary. Other relevant documents by this body include: Impeachment: Selected Materials (1973); Impeachment: Selected Materials on Procedure (1974); and Impeachment: Selected Materials (1998).

The Congressional Research Service has over the years issued numerous materials on the question of impeachment; here are over 100 reports on this topic.

Please remember that process of impeachment is not limited to the office of the president, federal judges are also subject to impeachment. Recent examples of this are: Impeachment of G. Thomas Porteous, Jr., judge of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana (2010);

To consider possible impeachment of United States District Judge G. Thomas Porteous, Jr. (2010);

Impeachment of Judge Samuel B. Kent (2009); and

Impeaching Manuel L. Real, a judge of the United States District Court for the Central District of California, for high crimes and misdemeanors (2006).


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How Current Immigration Policies are Affecting Higher Education

This interview with Montclair State University’s director of international employment and immigration details some of the obstacles now facing both international students and faculty as they try to negotiate the labyrinth of more restrictive immigration rules. This situation is further examined in this piece – Visa rules are restricting the future of international students in the US; data from the 2018 Open Doors report from the IIE reinforce the above reports highlighting how enrollment for international students in this country is slowing down a great deal and the main culprit is the difficulty in securing visas.

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The World’s Oceans Rising Faster Than Initially Thought Due to Climate Change

This new report – Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate  – predicts dire outcomes as the world’s oceans continue to rise due in large part to the ice melts of both Greenland and Antarctica. This report, heavily referenced, details changes in the oceans, polar regions, high mountain areas, and coastal communities. But according to the report, there is still time to avert climatic disaster:

The far-reaching services and options provided by ocean and cryosphere-related ecosystems can be supported by protection, restoration, precautionary ecosystem-based management of renewable resource use, and the reduction of pollution and other stressors (high confidence). Integrated water management (medium confidence) and ecosystem-based adaptation (high confidence) approaches lower climate risks locally and provide multiple societal benefits. [Section C2 of Headline Statements]

But the time is now. CNN provides an informative overview of this major report. And this series of reports should also be consulted to gauge the human impact of sea level rising.

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New Jersey Second Best State in the Nation for Teachers

According to Wallet Hub’s 2019 Best & Worst States for Teachers, New Jersey ranks as the second best, just behind North Dakota; as it is, the Garden State ranks first in the “Academic & Work Environment” metric. Data were culled from both private and public resources. This high posting is reinforced by the Quality Counts 2018 that also has New jersey at the number two position in educational quality and services.

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Vaping – Some Resources

The CDC has just announced that it is opening its Emergency Operations Center in an attempt to foster inter-agency cooperation around the increasing incidents of lung injury due to vaping. It has also created a very informative section on Electronic Cigarettes that is replete with helpful links and information.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a recent editorial – Vaping-Induced Lung Injury – that concludes:

Until the investigation into the cause of this epidemic of vaping-induced respiratory injury is complete, no conclusions can be drawn as to which compound or compounds are the causes of injury. In light of these cases, however, efforts should be made to increase public awareness of the harmful effect of vaping, and physicians should discourage their patients from vaping.(Emphasis added)

This journal also supplied pertinent articles that are freely accessible: Pulmonary Illness Related to E-Cigarette Use in Illinois and Wisconsin — Preliminary Report, and Imaging of Vaping-Associated Lung Disease. Other free articles on this topic from this journal are here.

The Lancet, another highly respected medical journal, also allows access to numerous articles on vaping.

PubMed Central gives you access to hundreds of articles on vaping/e-cigarettes. An example is Prevalence of vaping and smoking among adolescents in Canada, England, and the United States: repeat national cross sectional surveys from the June 20, 2019 edition of the British Medical Journal.

A review of state legislation on vaping/e-cigarettes is found at the site Alternative Nicotine Products | Electronic Cigarettes hosted by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

At the moment the most comprehensive report is this 2018 document from the National Academies – Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes.

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The Wealth of Every Member of Congress as of 2018

This listing that came out in 2018 will be re-issued in 2020 before the national elections. There are many filters you can apply to fine tune the results making it easier to find out the net worth of the current crop of presidential hopefuls who are almost all members of Congress. Links to brief biographies are also provided.

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