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The Woman Who Owns Halloween

That would be Lesley Bannatyne from Harvard who has published extensively on Halloween. You can sample many of her writings here.

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What Is This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Candy?

It is a shocker. Go here to find the answer.

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“Today in History”

Here are a few sites that present chronological entries for each day of the year: Associated Press (with media galleries); the History Channel; Infoplease; the Library of Congress (you can get lost in all the marvelous links attached to each entry); and The New York Times (with links to archived articles).

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The Bill Authorizing the Impeachment Investigation of President Trump

Here is the full text version of the bill; this Washington Post article offers context for this next step in the impeachment process.

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Worldwide Use of Drones

The Drone Databook is the culmination of a year’s-long research project utilizing diverse sources to provide a snapshot of drone use in military and security sectors in 100 countries. The plethora of data include: timeline of international incidents involvingdrones (xiv); previous studies (xv); and selected satellite imagery of drone installations. Each country profile lists the make, model, class, and quantity of drones along with explanatory notes.

The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College also produces additional work of vital importance in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles; CRS has generated numerous reports over the years on this topic. Of course, this topic is not just a United States concern:  here is a 2019 UK Parliament briefing on civilian drones and the European Parliament Think Tank has issued dozens of documents.

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Latest IPEDS Figures For Higher Education

This just-released 2018/19 report, based primarily on 2017/18 data, presents numbers on a wide variety of topics, including headcounts, average college costs, and number of awards by race/ethnicity. Access to the previous year’s reports are also available. You also have the ability to search by topic and collection cycle. (FYI -there are three separate collection cycles per year, each one focusing on a different higher ed sector of interest.)

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What Is Happening with Brexit?

The deadline for the UK to crash out of the European Union is fast approaching – October 31. The following are links to the numerous publications dealing with this rupture, all issued by the UK Parliament Library:  selection of statements both written and oral made in Parliament; Brexit debates 2019; House of Commons Library site on Brexit; and Brexit reading list – no deal.

The Congressional Research Service has published many reports on Brexit as has the Think Tank of the European Parliament – here are 100 in-depth analyses on this topic as well as a feature entitled What Think Tanks are thinking: Brexit.

For those of you not fully acquainted with Brexit, this BBC piece is a good place to start.

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