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CDC Resources on COVID-19

Includes publications, guidance documents, a webinar, and a listing of recent journals articles on COVID-19, many from practitioners in China. In addition, here is a transcript of the CDC telebriefing from this past Wednesday.

And here are the recommendations under which the CDC is operating – Community Mitigation Guidelines to Prevent Pandemic Influenza – United States, 2017.


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Proposed New Jersey 2020/21 School Aid Figures Released

There are winners and losers (Jersey City’s aid is reduced by $55M) in this year’s disbursements. Please use this interactive search feature. Analyses are found here and here.

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Almost 3 Million Students Are Enrolled in Fully Online Programs

And that number does not include California! This is one of the main takeaways from the 2019 NC-SARA Data Report. Of that number, 1.5 million attend in-state courses, while the reminder have enrolled in out-of-state programs;. For those who do not wish to read the entire 63-page report, there is an informative overview of the report available along with a listing of the top ten schools offering online programs.

You might also want to peruse this Fast Facts: Distance Education from NCES; just remember that the NC-SARA totals numbers from fully online programs whereas the NCES figures reflects enrollments in online courses. In either case, enrollments trend upward.

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Videos of Presidential Candidates’ Debates, Town Hall Meetings, Rallies, and So On

For those of you who simply cannot get enough of all these proceedings, please go to C- SPAN’s Campaign 2020 site to witness all the events in their mind-numbing glory.

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NJ Governor Murphy’s 2021 Budget Address

You can watch it here, read it here, and peruse an overview here. Here is an informative article on what the budget contains for the various educational sectors on the state; numerous articles focus on other topics touched upon in his speech.

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2020 New Jersey Terrorism Threat Assessment

This just-released document presents an environmental scan on the various extremist groups, both right wing and left wing, that are identified as operating in New Jersey. Sections range from HVE (homegrown violent extremists – a high threat in New Jersey) to matters pertaining to cybersecurity (a moderate threat to New Jersey that saw more than 50 ransomware attacks). A timeline of incidents in New Jersey, definitions of terrorsist-related terms, and a linked list of pertinent reports generated by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness only add to the utility of this report.

A podcast overview can also be consulted; it is part of a series of podcasts labeled Intelligence. Unclassified  that have now spanned five years. Very informative.

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Old School Valentine’s Day

From the British Library and its renowned Digitised Manuscripts site comes Be My Valentine, a collection of love letters written c.1500 and bound together in a single volume along with illustrations. The actual manuscript – Petit Livre d’Amour – is found here; other images from various manuscripts can be found here.

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