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One Million Images Freely Available from ArtStor

ArtStor has aggregated numerous public access collections containing a million images and made them available for free. Advanced searching allows you to narrow your searches to a manageable selection. Well worth perusing.

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A Brief History, With Pictures, of Loew’s Jersey City

Such a treasure! More information is available here.

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Thomas Nast’s “Christmas Drawings for the Human Race”

Nast was a political cartoonist whose work helped expose the corruption of New York City government as typified by Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall; he was also a prolific chronicler of the Civil War for Harper’s Weekly. In addition, he is credited with the creation of our modern depiction of Santa Claus. His Christmas Drawings for the Human Race collect his many seasonal sketches; you can see in these pages the Santa Claus we now know appear.

Additional work by Nast can be found at: The Thomas Nast Collection (Princeton); and Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (Ohio State).

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Illustrated Book Covers

Those of us who enjoy books also enjoy the book covers that encompass them. Many of them are works of art in themselves and were created by artists of some renown. (Check out Edward Gorey’s book covers for other authors.) Almost 500 examples of illustrated book covers can be found here. And here is an extremely informative article of this subject accompanied by splendid reproductions of this special art form.

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How To Find Civil War Historical Markers and Monuments

There is no comprehensive site that lists every single memorial, but there are certain sites/publications that allow one access to thousands of them:  The Landscape of Civil War Commemoration( provides an interactive map leading to hundreds of sites; The Historical Marker Database can be searched by topic or state; Save Our Sculpture database (Smithsonian) can be searched by keyword or  designated topics; The Civil War: Search for Monuments is an incomplete but growing database from the National Parks Service; and the report from the Southern Poverty Law Center – Whose Heritage? Public Symbols of the Confederacy – is self-explanatory.


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Museum of Modern Art Online Exhibition Catalogs

This MOMA site allows access to over 3500 exhibition catalogs dating back to 1929. The masters of modern art – Picasso, Stella, Rothko, Miro, Calder are all represented here. You can search by year, keyword or type. As this is an ongoing project, the earlier exhibitions are present in their entirety; the more current ones are in the process of being mounted. Where available, the catalogs as well as the checklists and press releases are included.

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Interviews With African-American Artists

The Archives of American Art has a special collection on African-American Artists; it contains dozens of available oral interviews (with transcripts and audio excerpts) as well as digitized collections of major artists; for example, Romare Bearden (2000+ pages) and Palmer C Hayden (4000+ pages).

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