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2018 New Jersey Political Movers and Shakers

The top 100 individuals are profiled here; the list runs from correspondents to pollsters to financial backers.


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Online Primary Sources for American History: Abraham Lincoln – Additional Primary Sources

We have quite rightly highlighted primary/secondary sources on whom some consider the finest of our presidents. (He ranks #1 in the C-SPAN Historians Survey of Presidents 2017, a position he has held in the previous iterations of this poll.) We have come across other collections at Brown University that we would like to recommend: “Brown’s Lincoln Broadsides collection comprises an assortment of printed materials intended for broad public distribution in a variety of formats. Within this digital collection you will find, for example: handbills (a single sheet of text intended for wide public distribution), leaftlets (a handbill folded to create multiple leaves), small pamphlets (unbound booklets, typically stapled or sewn), souvenir cards, circulars, broadsheets, brochures.”; Lincoln Envelopes –  “This collection contains embellished envelopes created during the period surrounding Lincoln’s presidency and the time immediately after his assassination. Many of the envelopes depict Lincoln himself….”; Lincoln Graphics “…include most of the known photographic images of Lincoln, along with engravings and popular prints by, among other firms, Currier & Ives and Kurz & Allen.”; Lincoln Manuscripts

The Hay Library’s famed collection of manuscripts authored or signed by Lincoln, now comprises nearly 1,100 pieces.

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Obituaries of Women Who Should Have Been in “The New York Times”

The number of incredible women who are not in The New York Times is staggering; it has been the preserve of dead white men for decades. To slightly correct this imbalance, fifteen obits have been initially crafted by the writers of this newspaper. Figures range from the intrepid reporter Ida B. Wells to the novelist Charlotte Bronte. This new obituary section is labeled Overlooked, and it will be updated with many more additions over time.

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Charles Dickens

It is appropriate that on this day, his birthday, we point you to some good sites containing relevant works. For his books, come here; for the journals he edited and wrote for, you can visit Dickens Journals Online.

There are numerous mentions of his travels and speeches in the United States in the Chronicling America site. He came to this country twice, in 1842 and 1867; the first trip produced American Notes for General Circulation (1842), a work that generated tepid reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Numerous helpful sites can be found here.

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“Scientist of the Day”

This site comes to us courtesy of the Linda Hall Library; it is a daily biography of some worthy whose work is in its collection.

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Life and Legends of St Patrick

Writings about St Patrick abound. You can see some of the legends here. If you want to see some of the earliest writings, you can consult: The tripartite life of Patrick : with other documents relating to that Saint (2 vols, 1887, part of the magnificent Rolls Series), and Lives of saints, from the Book of Lismore (1890). For those who want to see the original manuscripts upon which the above works are based, you can come here to view Irish manuscripts from various institutions.

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Characteristics of the 115th Congress

This brief CRS report presents a statistical overview of this Congress:

“Statistical information is included on selected characteristics of Members, including data on party affiliation, average age, occupation, education, length of congressional service, religious affiliation, gender, ethnicity, foreign births, and military service.”  (Summary)

Also, consult The Hill’s 115th Congress Will be the Most Racially Diverse in History for more data.



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