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Timeline for Hudson Yards

The most ambitious project in recent history for New York City has finally come to fruition – the official opening of the gigantic Hudson Yards project is just a couple of days away. Please look at this article (along with its links) to follow the years-long efforts (including an Olympic bid for NYC) to get this multi-billion site up and open.


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Can the President Build His Wall without Congressional Approval?

In these contentious times, the president has stated that he would declare a national emergency and re-allocate funds set aside for disaster rebuilding and utilize those monies to build the wall. These two CRS reports –  Can the Department of Defense Build the Border Wall? and  Military Construction Funding in the Event of a National Emergency – offer some guidance, though the outcome would probably have to be settled in court.

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The Year 2018 According to Pew

From news overload to cyberbullying to immigration to climate change, the Pew Research Center has released its 18 striking findings for 2018. Each of the items has a link to the original research findings that are themselves buttressed by statistics and charts. See if you agree with Pew, or would you have added another subject not covered in this feature?

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Puerto Rico One Year Later

This special report from The New York Times, makes for sobering reading. On-the-ground reporting in addition to data analysis present a picture that is at odds with what the administration has been saying for some time. Features from NPR and CNN validate the paper’s findings.

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Median Household Income Up, Poverty Rate Falls, and Health Insurance Coverage Rates Basically Unchanged

This information comes courtesy of the following reports: Income and Poverty in the United States: 2017 (income increased 1.8% over 2016 – this is the third year in a row of increases; poverty rates fell .4% – this is also the third consecutive year that this rate has fallen); and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2017.

More statistical breakdowns are available in each report.

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9/11 Ceremonies in Hudson County

This listing provides you will locations for the various ceremonies scattered throughout the county; NJCU has its own remembrance. For those of you who do not remember, NJCU lost some of its own that day: Kevin W Donnelly and Thomas A Gardner from the Fire Science Department; and Kalyan Sarkar from the School of Business.

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Here Are the 350 Newspaper Editorials Defending Freedom of the Press

In an unprecedented move, 350 newspapers have simultaneously published editorials decrying President Trump’s characterization of the press as “enemies of the people” and “fake news” while attacks against journalists in this country increase. This is borne out by research released by the Committee to Protect Journalists: “This is the deadliest year for journalists in the United States since CPJ began keeping records in 1992. At this point in 2018, the United States is the third deadliest country globally after Afghanistan and Syria.”

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