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McNair Academic Named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School

McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, already an institution that figures prominently in “best schools” lists, has added another achievement – it has been named a National Blue Ribbon School.


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2019 World University Rankings

Considered the premier list of its type, this iteration allows you to filter by region/country, name, or subject. (I am glad to see four of my almae matres in the top 30.)

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Pending NJ Legislation Mandating Colleges List All Their Fees

Sticker shock just does not relate to tuition; fees can comprise a substantial part of college expenses. (Consult 10 Surprising College Fees You May Have To Pay) The problem is fees are not always made public until one registers. To help combat this practice and provide greater transparency, A3625 would require colleges to develop written policies concerning all fees: “For each mandatory student fee the documentation shall include, at a minimum, the purpose of the student fee, the criteria used to determine its rate, the projected mandatory fee revenue, and the appropriate use of the revenue;…”(2) NJ Spotlight, as always, provides an informative review of this situation.


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How Much Do New Jersey Teachers Earn?

This interactive feature allows you to view MEDIAN figures arranged by county or by district, as well as supplying salaries from 2016/17 for comparative purposes. Charter schools are also included. Please note that several districts/schools are not included in this list: East Newark Borough and Guttenberg Town in Hudson County, Palisades Park in Bergen County, Freedom Prep Charter School in Camden County and Ocean Academy Charter School in Ocean County.

For national AVERAGE salaries, please look at this chart that tracks salaries over the decades through 2016/17.

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Dozens of New Jersey Schools Closing Early Due to Excessive Heat – Thursday, September 6, 2018

Schools in New Jersey just don’t close for snow, you know. These districts, including Jersey City, are having early dismissals because of the excessive heat today.

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NJ Colleges With Lowest Student Debt (Think NJCU)

According to this article that is based on a third-party site, NJCU still ranks among NJ colleges with the least debt for graduating students.

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Best Public High Schools in New Jersey

Niche has just issued its 2019 report on best high schools in the nation; here is the listing for New Jersey. Did your high school make the grade?

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