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New Jersey Higher Education Failing Students of Color

This report – Locked Out of the Future – shows how the state education system is rife with disparities. For example:  “New Jersey colleges are sharply racially stratified. A Black student is nearly 30 percent less likely to attend an in-state public four-year college than his/her white peer. A Latinx student is 18 percent less likely. (p.2) Additional metrics support the main suppositions of this report. Graphics provide detailed breakdowns of the amount of state support each college/university (whether non-profit or for-profit) receives.



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New Jersey School Closings/Delays for Tuesday, January 8, 2019

If the weather turns hazardous as it looks like it may do, schools could be impacted. Come here for a complete, updated list.

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New Jersey Early School Closings for Thursday, November 15, 2018

As of this writing, more than a few schools have already posted early dismissal times for today. This same site can be used for announcements about closings/late openings/early dismissals for tomorrow.

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2018 “Open Doors” Report Released

The latest iteration of this report on international education has been released. It shows that the number of foreign students enrolling in U.S. programs has declined, while the number of U.S. students studying aboard has increased, especially short-term courses/programs. Here are the New Jersey numbers; an excellent summary (with links) is also available.

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McNair Academic Named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon School

McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, already an institution that figures prominently in “best schools” lists, has added another achievement – it has been named a National Blue Ribbon School.

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2019 World University Rankings

Considered the premier list of its type, this iteration allows you to filter by region/country, name, or subject. (I am glad to see four of my almae matres in the top 30.)

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Pending NJ Legislation Mandating Colleges List All Their Fees

Sticker shock just does not relate to tuition; fees can comprise a substantial part of college expenses. (Consult 10 Surprising College Fees You May Have To Pay) The problem is fees are not always made public until one registers. To help combat this practice and provide greater transparency, A3625 would require colleges to develop written policies concerning all fees: “For each mandatory student fee the documentation shall include, at a minimum, the purpose of the student fee, the criteria used to determine its rate, the projected mandatory fee revenue, and the appropriate use of the revenue;…”(2) NJ Spotlight, as always, provides an informative review of this situation.


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