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NJ Colleges With Lowest Student Debt (Think NJCU)

According to this article that is based on a third-party site, NJCU still ranks among NJ colleges with the least debt for graduating students.


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Best Public High Schools in New Jersey

Niche has just issued its 2019 report on best high schools in the nation; here is the listing for New Jersey. Did your high school make the grade?

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2018/19 New Jersey School Aid: Winners and Losers

The recently enacted state budget calls for increases in state aid to many school districts; however, some districts will experience a cut in state support. Come here to find out how each county or school district has fared. Here is an informative article on the process.

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How Did the Great Recession Affect Higher Education Enrollment?

This new Census Bureau report – Postsecondary Enrollment Before, During, and Since the Great Recession – presents some statistical data that may surprise some people. Herewith are some observations:

  • The recession saw a 33 percent increase in enrollment in two-year colleges from 2006 to 2011. In 2010, 29 percent of all students enrolled were in two-year colleges. By 2015, this share had fallen to 25 percent, below the prerecession average level of 26 percent. However, the number of students enrolled in two-year colleges was still 10 percent above the level in 2006.
  • Compared to the prerecession period (2000 to 2007), male undergraduate enrollment was 18 percent higher postrecession (2012 to 2015). Female enrollment also grew, but only by 14 percent.
  • Hispanic college enrollment experienced growth through the recession and beyond. The number of Hispanics enrolled in college increased by 1.5 million — an approximate doubling (184.0 percent) of the prerecession level. Before the recession, 13.2 percent of Hispanics ages 15 to 34 enrolled in undergraduate college, while 20.2 percent of Hispanics enrolled in college after the recession. (Tipsheet)

Tables and figures, some with data back to 2000, add to the utility of this brief document.

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A Record Number of Foreign Student Graduates Remain in the U.S.

According to this recent Pew Research report – Number of Foreign College Students Staying and Working After Graduation Surges – there has been a 400% increase in foreign students remaining here, especially in the STEM fields. This is in line with a 2018 NSF report showing that temporary visa holder enrollments (foreign students) have steadily increased over the past years; these findings are further supported by this National Foundation for American Policy 2017 report – The Importance of International Students to American Science and Engineering.

The Open Doors program from the IIE provides a plethora of related data.


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Best High Schools in Jersey City, New Jersey, and the Country

The 2018 US News & World Report high school rankings report has just been issued. More than 20,500 high schools, including charters and magnet schools, were evaluated against a set of criteria. Jersey City schools figure in the state rankings with three of the schools attaining medal status with McNair High School ranking 5th in the state and 68th in the nation with a gold medal to prove it. Here is the complete list for New Jersey schools.

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How Did New Jersey Do in the Latest “Nation’s Report Card”?

For those who are interested, you can come here for the state results for grade 4 and grade 8 mathematics; and here for grade 4 and grade 8 results for reading. Highlights on a national level are also accessible.

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