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2011 National Hispanic Heritage Month

Much data on Hispanics in this country are available through this Census Bureau Facts for Features page. Other valuable resources include:, Smithsonian Institution, Celebrate Hispanic Heritage (from Scholastic), Hispanic Properties/Heritage in the National Parks (National Park Service), Hispanic Heritage (from Gale, including biographies and timelines), the Library of Congress (numerous links to collections), EDSITEment (provides a guide to many important sites), and Infoplease.


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New Jerseyans Who Finished the 2011 Boston Marathon

For those interested, the official race site has a searchable page where you can see who finished, their checkpoint times, and their official times. You can search by name, bib number, and by city and state as well. See who crossed the finish line from New Jersey; even more specifically, see if Jersey City was represented.(BTW, we were.)

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Nuclear Power and Japan

With the drama in Japan still unfolding, we’d like to supply you with some informative sites. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission maintains a reading room of pertinent documents on the U.S. nuclear industry. This site can be supplemented with the International Atomic Energy Agency’s updated news section on Japan along with its many technical documents which are freely available. The U.S. Energy Information Agency provides Japan: Country Analysis that investigates Japan’s energy sector. Google Crisis Response includes a person locator, maps, and message boards while How Nuclear Power Works is an understandable primer on this topic and includes a section on the pros and cons of nuclear power; another good source is from NPR: Primer: Japan’s Nuclear Crisis. Come here to find the number of nulcear plants operating in New Jersey. News sources include The Guardian, BBC News, Reuters, The Washington Post, The New York Times and CNN.

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2010 Year in Review

Our previous entry dealt with the highlights and lowlights in New Jersey. This addition has a broader context: 2010 Images of the Year (Newsweek); 50 Moments of 2010: A Week by Week News Chronicle (Time); 2010: Year in Review (CNN); 2010: The Year in Pictures (The New York Times); Year in Review: 2010 (Infoplease); Year in Review: Science Stories of 2010 (NPR); The Year in Review 2010 (American Libraries); 2010 in Review (The Atlantic); 2010 in Review (Business Week); 2010 Top 100 Global Thinkers (Foreign Policy); Women’s Health 2010: A Year in Review (CDC); and 2010 Year-End Review (Wall Street Journal). But no assessment can be called complete without the inclusion of Dave Barry’s unique perspective on the past year’s proceedings.

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Expanded Computer Services in Guarini Library

In addition to the 18 PCs on the 4th floor equipped with Microsoft Word, the Library has added another 16PCs on the 2d floor. However, not only do these more recent installations have Word, they all have Excel, Access, and PowerPoint as well. All 34 computers also have Internet access and are attached to printers. Thank you, students, for your responses to our surveys; we really do listen to what you have to say!

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2009 Class of the New Jersey Hall of Fame

Last night the 2009 inductees were presented. Their biographies, less one, may be read on the Hall’s website. Information on the sole recipient not highlighted on the list as of this posting, Lieutenant Brian Brennan, is available from another site; Lientenant Brennan received the Hall’s first “Unsung Hero” award. Coverage of the ceremony is available from, along with a video of Lieutenant Brennan’s speech.

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Happy 200th Birthday, Charles Darwin

February 12 saw the birth of two towering figures in history:  Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. The Linnean Society, where  Darwin and Alfred Wallace Russell both delivered papers on July 1, 1858 outlining their theories of evolution in natural selection, is holding symposiums in his honor. Darwin’s complete works are online, including all six editions of his Origin of Species. The BBC has a whole section devoted to him, as does the New York Times. PBS contributes the Evolution Library while Berkeley adds its Understanding Evolution site, and the National Academies contribute the very extensive Evolution Resources. Nature, Science, Guardian, New Scientist, Scientific American, Discover, and Forbes all offer special reports/features on him. Books about him are here.

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