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Full Text of President Trump’s 2018 Budget

His proposed budget, entitled A New Foundation for American Greatness, along with “major savings and reforms” can be found here. Thousands of news reports are already online; The New York Times has an analysis.

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Who Is Robert Mueller, Special Counsel to the FBI?

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2017 New Jersey Governor’s Race

With so many people focused on the doings in Washington, some may have overlooked the fact that New Jersey has an election for governor this November 7. To start looking at the candidates and the issues, please peruse: Your guide (so far) to the 2017 N.J. governor’s race (; New Jersey gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election, 2017 (Ballotpedia); and 2017 Election Information (NJ Department of State). As the primaries are held on June 6 (see the timeline), more information will be forthcoming.

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Voting on the American Health Care Act Is Live!

Please come here to C-SPAN.

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Presidential Use of Military Force

To say that this is a contentious subject is an understatement. Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the right to declare war, while Article 2, Section 2 establishes that the President is the Commander in Chief. While outdated and lacking easily available links, this Law Library of the Library of Congress report on War Powers does provide a valuable overview. (Congressional hearings back to 1985 are here.) A much more timely report is this March 28, 2017 CRS document The War Powers Resolution: Concepts and Practice.

Other valuable CRS sources include: War Powers Resolution: Presidential Compliance (2012); Declarations of War and Authorizations for the Use of Military Force: Historical Background and Legal Implications (2014); Congressional Authority to Limit Military Operations (2013); and Presidential Preferences to the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force in Publicly Available Executive Actions and Reports to Congress (2016).

You might also consult: The Balance of War Powers: The U.S. President and Congress (CFR Backgrounder); Understanding Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (Center for American Progress); War Powers (LII, Cornell, with links to sources); dozens of law review articles on war powers; and The New York Times’ War Powers Act of 1973.

Additional information can be found in this previous blog entry.

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Financial Disclosures of White House Staff

These were just released Friday; there are more to come. Just scroll down this article to read the various forms that are now public. What is particularly galling about this data dump is that no staff names were released, and you have to file a request for each staffer. But if you don’t know the staffer, how can you file a request? So The New York Times, the Associated Press, and ProPublica got together and requested every staffer’s name they had in their respective files. Once they had them, this combined team loaded them into a Google Drive folder and listed them alphabetically. Now that is what journalists do! Now read the forms on what is arguably the wealthiest White House staff ever.

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Who’s Who In Russian Investigations

As the allegations of Russian interference in the elections continue, along with the ever-increasing numbers of Trump officials being identified as communicating with Russian figures, it is getting harder and harder to remember all the parties involved. However, thank to CNN. we have a handy guide to the major players.

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