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Congressional Russian Investigation Documents

Not only are all the hearings listed at this site – Public Document Clearinghouse: Congressional Russia Investigations – but letters, remarks, subpoenas, press releases, etc are all included so in essence all Congressional documents pertaining to Russian interference are available in one spot.


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Robert Mueller’s Testimony Before Congress

For those who are interested, the two separate hearings will be broadcast on C-SPAN where they will be permanently housed as well as an unofficial (but normally quite accurate) transcript of each session will be made available.

Since election security figures so prominently in his report (redacted version here), there are some worthy sites one should look at:

Campaign and Election Security Policy: Brief Introduction; The Designation of Election Systems as Critical Infrastructure; Election Security: Issues in the 2018 Midterm Elections (CRS)

Elections: Observations on Voting Equipment Use and Replacement (GAO)


Election Security | Cybersecurity: What Legislators (and Others) Need to Know (NCSL)

Election Security (EFF)

Election Security (NPR)

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UK Election Statistics, 1918 – 2018

This report – UK Election Statistics: 1918 – 2018 – A Century of Elections – presents a plethora of information covering a wide span of elections, their results, party affiliations, characteristics of the members of the House of Commons, local elections, mayoral elections, etc. It is amazing how much data is crammed into 94 pages!

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How Much Do Congressional Staffers Earn?

There are two reports recently issued from CRS: one for the House and one for the Senate. Titles range from press secretary to caseworker to scheduler; median salaries are given with comparisons to previous years included. Numerous tables add to the efficacy of these documents.

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What is Socialism?

With the 2020 presidential campaign already in full swing, the term “socialism” has been bandied about by both sides of the political spectrum. This piece from the Brookings Institution explains the development of this ideology and its incorporation into current affairs. It also offers an examination of this movement in the governments of the United Kingdom and Germany. A much lengthier treatment of this term can be found here courtesy of the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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Who is Running for President in 2020?

As far as can be tabulated – everyone is. With Joe Biden stepping into the ring this morning, there are at least 22 confirmed candidates. This feature from The New York Times serves as a handy guide for this crowded field. For more information, please go to this Ballotpedia site to see the more than 600 individuals who have filed with the FEC to run for president; this page also offers up a host of salient reference points.

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2018 Population Estimates for Counties Released

The Census Bureau has just made available the 2018 population estimates for every county in the country. To review these figures and find out if the population has increased or decreased over the years since 2010,  come here.

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