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United Nations Digital Library

As of this writing, over 950,000 records are included in this database consisting of speeches, reports, meeting records, documents, resolutions, and all the other bureaucratic paperwork associated with such a vast organization. The material can be filtered by UN body as well as by year; an advanced search screen provides even more options.


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Full Text of Governor Murphy’s 2020 Budget Address

You can find it here. In it, he mentions a $5M increase for TAG and an $2.5M increase for EOF. He also states “And, our budget looks to a new way to help our four-year public colleges and universities. We propose $20 million in new formula-driven aid, based on what is needed to ensure the best outcomes for all students and reflect the diversity of our state.”

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New Jersey – How Much Have You Paid in Property Taxes for 2018?

Use this interactive map to get the average property tax bill for your municipality; it will also show the increase in taxes since 2010. Here are the figures for Jersey City.

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How Many National Emergencies Have There Been?

With the president repeating his willingness to invoke a “national emergency“, it might be well to find out what kind of national emergencies have been declared in the past for comparative purposes. Do any of you readers know we are existing under national emergencies as of this writing? Two CRS publications review prior declarations: Declarations under the National Emergencies Act, Part 1: Declarations Currently in Effect, and National Emergencies Act, Part 2: Declarations No Longer in Effect. For those interested, here is the full text of the National Emergencies Act.

A primer, A Guide to Emergency Powers and Their Use, is worth a read as well. (Don’t forget to follow the embedded links in this document for additional research.) National Emergency Powers, another valuable CRS document, should also be consulted.

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The President’s 2019 State of the Union Address

Anyone interested in watching this one-and-a-half-hour speech (one of the longest on recent memory) can view it here along with an accompanying transcript. An annotated transcript from The New York Times is available as is an annotated version from the National Academies Press. The Democratic response is here; congressional reaction is here.

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The Comings and Goings of the Trump Cabinet/Advisers Circle

The churning and turnover in the current administration is certainly high, higher than previous administrations. This feature from the Brookings Institution tracks this movement in and out of the White House. This observation is reinforced by articles in  The New York Times, NPR, and Newsweek.

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Can the President Build His Wall without Congressional Approval?

In these contentious times, the president has stated that he would declare a national emergency and re-allocate funds set aside for disaster rebuilding and utilize those monies to build the wall. These two CRS reports –  Can the Department of Defense Build the Border Wall? and  Military Construction Funding in the Event of a National Emergency – offer some guidance, though the outcome would probably have to be settled in court.

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