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Historians and Journalists Discuss President Trump’s First Year in Office

This hour long program aired on C-SPAN; a transcript is also provided.


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Today in History : Sputnik Launches the Space Age

Sixty years ago today, Sputnik 1 blasted into space. Here is how The New York Times reported it. Review these documents in the Sputnik and the Space Race site from the Eisenhower Presidential Library from American reaction. Also check out this section from the 1955-57 volumes of the FRUSUnited States interest in the scientific exploration of outer space.

To see early documents for the American space program, please peruse

Exploring the Unknown: Selected Documents in the History of the U.S. Civil Space Program: Volume 1. (The seven other volumes in this NASA history series are also available here.)



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Day-by-Day Chronology of the Civil War

This site includes pre-war dates. Links to documents and biographies.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: The Papers of General John J Pershing

The Library of Congress has made available online selected material from its collection of Pershing Papers. These include typewritten diaries covering his WWI experiences and well as his post-war activities as Army chief of staff. You might also want to read his Report of General John J. Pershing, U.S.A., Commander-in-Chief, American Expeditionary Forces. Cabled to the Secretary of War, November 20, 1918. Cor. January 16, 1919.

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The House of Lords Explained

This centuries-old institution is highlighted in Customs and Traditions of the House of Lords. This brief but highly informative piece, supplemented by ample footnotes, traces the development of this deliberative body from its inception. Appendices delineating precedence and seating arrangements further bolster the usefulness of this document.

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A Very Early Anti-Slavery Newspaper

It was called The Emancipator and lasted all of seven issues in 1820 due to the death of its editor, a Quaker named Elihu Embree. Please visit this blog entry for additional antislavery publications of an historical nature.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: The Paris Peace Conference That Ended WWI

For those who want background information on this conference, please consult: The Paris Peace Conference and its Consequences (International Encyclopedia of the First World War).

Official diplomatic correspondence and documentation is provided in the thirteen volumes produced in the Foreign Relations of the United States series. What may surprise those not familiar with the publication of official, sensitive records is that these volumes were not produced until the 1940s, 1942-1947 to be exact. For the history of these volumes and the amount of resistance to them being published, please read FRUS at War: Appeasement, Alliance Politics, and the Paris Peace Conference Volumes .

Additional contemporary source documents can be found here, including the papers of “Colonel” House.

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