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Old School Valentine’s Day

From the British Library and its renowned Digitised Manuscripts site comes Be My Valentine, a collection of love letters written c.1500 and bound together in a single volume along with illustrations. The actual manuscript – Petit Livre d’Amour – is found here; other images from various manuscripts can be found here.

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Christmas Annuals

This type of publication has been around for almost two hundred years and is still popular today. Produced by magazine publishers, these once-yearly special issues were given as Christmas presents; many contained copious stories and illustrations and were expensively bound in leather with gold lettering. Forget-Me-Not published by Rudolph Ackermann is generally acknowledged as the first of its kind, appearing in 1823.

Select volumes can be seen at Nineteenth Century British & American Literary Annuals (University of South Carolina); The Belgravia Annual (Online Books Page);  Forget-Me-Not and Juvenile Forget-Me-Not (HathiTrust); Beeton’s Christmas Annual (HathiTrust); Boy’s Own Annual (HathiTrust); and Routledge’s Christmas Annual (Online Books Page).









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How the Victorians Celebrated Christmas

This delightfully informative online exhibit from The British Library is replete with links and visuals to give us an understanding of Christmas through Victorian eyes.

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“Christmas Carol” on Film

Almost 400 versions of this venerable title can be accessed here, from Blackadder’s Christmas Carol to a 1969 animated version shown on ABC to the 1910 interpretation done by the Thomas Edison studio. This latter title was  remastered, retitled, tinted, and supplied with a new soundtrack in 2010; for the original, please come here.


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Hundreds of Christmas Broadsides

Brown University has a very large collection of broadsides – Harris Broadsides Collection – of which over 15,000 are available online;  here are the almost 1,000 dealing with Christmas.

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Christmas Stories

Here you will find a collection of hundreds of volumes of stories pertaining to Christmas, some as far back as the 1840s.

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Facts About Veterans Day

A little history and some background on this hallowed day are here; many additional facts and figures can be gleaned from this Census Bureau site.

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