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Interviews With African-American Artists

The Archives of American Art has a special collection on African-American Artists; it contains dozens of available oral interviews (with transcripts and audio excerpts) as well as digitized collections of major artists; for example, Romare Bearden (2000+ pages) and Palmer C Hayden (4000+ pages).

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Interviews with New Jerseyeans Who Are Making a Difference

This isn’t necessarily about politicians, rock stars, or media celebrities, but it is more about those people who really make a difference in others’ lives. NJ Spotlight, among its many features, produces Profiles, a site comprised of interviews with people whose work impacts New Jersey. For example: Gary Szatkowski who is this area’s top meteorologist for the National Weather Service; Megan Gilhool, who started a knitting therapy group in Sandy-ravaged Sea Bright; or Susie Wilson, the original champion of the family life curriculum for New Jersey schools. There are dozens of more worthies to read about.

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Interview with NJCU Athletic Director Alice De Fazio

Here is a recent interview with her discussing, inter alia, the expansion of the sports program, the Athletic Academic Retention Program, and the need for more female role models in sports. Photos accompany the article. NJCU’s profile in the Equity in Athletics database is available.

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“Conversations with History”

This acclaimed series of interviews now contains 500 dialogues with some of the world’s leading minds on a vast array of topics. You can search by name, topic, or year.

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President Henderson on NJTV

Here is President Henderson discussing NJCU with Mary Alice Williams. A summation of this almost 4-minute interview is included.

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A Brief Interview with President Henderson

President Henderson recently met with the editorial board of the Jersey Journal. Here is the result.

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Artist Interviews from the Tate Museum

Audio Arts was an innovative audio-cassette magazine first published in 1972; it contained interviews with artists, critics, and other luminaries from the arts. The Tate Museum has preserved and made these interviews, over 1600 of them, available online. Listen to Christo, James Joyce, Marcel Duchamp, and Paul McCarthy, among others.

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