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Compilation of Primary Sources on the Impeachment of President Trump

This handy collection –The Impeachment Papers A Compendium of Documents Related to the Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump– contains many of the major sources widely quoted in the press with regards to the impeachment process. Here are dozens of CRS reports on this most historic, constitutionally-mandated procedure.

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Watch the Senate Impeachment Trial Live

It is on C-Span where it will be permanently archived along with a searchable transcript of the proceedings. Unfortunately, what C-SPAN is allowed to show is limited due to press restrictions put in place by the Senate.

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Under What Rules Does the Senate Operate Impeachment Trials?

There are a set of rules – 26 in total -under which the Senate carries out its mandate for an impeachment trial. A more understandable explanation for the process is found here; you can also find an informative primer at this site.


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What Will the Supreme Court Be Hearing This Term?

As this is the first Monday of October, that means there is a new year beginning for the Supreme Court today. There are numerous, contentious issues before the Court; here is a rundown of the major cases. This posting from NPR should also be perused to gain insights into what could very will be a very political year for a body that strives to be apolitical. The best place to find information on the cases before the Court is found at SCOTUSblog.

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New Jersey Laws Effective January 1, 2019

From smoking bans on beaches to new taxes on ride-hailing services, here is a list of 18 new laws for New Jersey. For a national sampling of laws going into effect in other states, please direct yourself to thisĀ MarketWatch site.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: Supreme Court Nomination Hearings

This Senate Committee on the Judiciary page has complete transcripts of all the hearings back to 1971 with the notable exception of Robert Bork, who, while nominated, was rejected by the committee; his hearings are here. And while official transcripts are not yet available for the Brett Kavanaugh hearings (that could take a couple of years), here are videos of the proceedings.

Numerous blog entries with multitudinous links can be perused for additional information.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: The Nomination Hearings of Clarence Thomas

With the heated controversy over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it might do well to refresh our collective memories and re-visit an eerily similar process – the hearings on Clarence Thomas; videos of the hearings are also available. Here is an overview of this contentious hearing.

For those unfamiliar with the Supreme Court nomination process, many CRS reports provide ample elucidation.

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