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Virtual Tours of Some of the World’s Libraries

Libraries are shuttered throughout the world, transformed from active centers of intellectual engagement into moribund collections of silent tomes and journals. However, for those of us who miss the physical sensation of a library and all its associative evocations, there are some virtual reality tours that will at least provide some surcease. Please come here to see these tours.

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The Library of Congress

Jefferson’s Legacy: A Brief History of the Library of Congress is just that – a succinct overview of the growth and development of one of the great libraries in the world. Illustrated with contemporary prints, this brief re-telling of the founding and maturation of what was a small library of 740 volumes into one containing millions of items is an amazing journey. Involving the burning of the library, Thomas Jefferson’s involvement in it, its designation as a copyright repository, and its acquisition of massive collections of foreign-published material in multiple languages, attest to this institution’s importance to the country.

Annual reports from 1866 to 2007 are available here; recent reports through 2018 are here.

Biographies of the previous Librarians of Congress are also online.

Thousands of pictures of this institution can also be browsed.

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Libraries in Science Fiction

In honor of National Library Week, here are a few links that deal with libraries and librarians in science fiction.

The first place to visit is James Gunn’s masterful Libraries in Science Fiction, arguably the most comprehensive review written at that time. Another worthy, more recent entry is located in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction simply entitled Libraries that contains a multitude of links. Devil’s Advocate – Libraries in Science Fiction is also worth a perusal as well.

The portrayal of librarians is discussed in: Images of Librarians in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Including an Annotated List; A Long Overdue Nod to SciFi’s and Fantasy’s Best Librarians; and Representations of Libraries and Librarians in Popular Culture, Particularly Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We can end this entry with Libraries in fiction quiz – test your shelf knowledge.

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2020 State of America’s Libraries Report

Highlighting the social uses and the overwhelming public approval of libraries, this latest iteration showcases the value and services that these institutions provide both in good times and bad. As libraries during the COVID-19 crisis have migrated to a totally online environment providing reference services, story hours, music recitals, and library instruction all employing various social media resources, they once again prove their resilience and worth.

The issues and trends section presents cogent overviews on such diverse but important topics as book censorship (including the ten most challenged books), net neutrality, assistive technology, and diversity and inclusion. All the essays are replete with informative links.

Academic libraries are seen as key players in student success, retention rates, time to graduation, and grade point average. Additional metrics point to the importance of academic libraries at all levels of study.

For those who appreciate libraries, this report reinforces that opinion; for those who do not see the intrinsic benefit of libraries in a digital world, this document might counter that supposition.



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Library Services During the COVID-19 Crisis


Until further notice, the Library is closed. We maintained limited numbers until Governor Murphy ordered all libraries to close.

While NJCU classes have migrated to an online platform and students are being encouraged not to come to campus, please remember that the Library will be open. Many of our services are already online, and you should take advantage of them:

You still have access to over 300,000 ebook volumes and 35,000 journal titles by utilizing WorldCat Discovery and limiting your results to ebooks or full text articles;

We have specific subject guides to assist you in your searching;

We have general guides to freely available curated materials;

Additional resources are also available;

Interlibrary loan will be sporadic at best, given the reduced staffing patterns at our sister institutions.

Our Ask a Librarian service will be available; however, depending on our staffing patterns, a phone call may not be readily answered. We recommend you use our online chat services for a quicker response;

Scheduling a library instruction class can still be made and we will try to accommodate the request in an online format;

The public service desks (circulation, periodicals, and reference) have all been closed, so please us our “Ask a Librarian” service

Rather than being six feet under, be six feet across from each other. Practice social distancing.

We will do everything we can to provide you with the same level of service on which you  have depended. We will get through this together.





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Hearing on Modernizing the Library of Congress

Courtesy of C-SPAN. This hearing falls in line with the Library’s digital strategy plan.

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British Library Online Exhibitions

This institution has posted many online exhibitions featuring items from its huge collection. Ranging from a large selection of maps of London to early photographically illustrated books, these collections delve into their themes with a curator’s introduction as well as descriptive annotations on each object presented. One can easily lose oneself in the various presentations here.

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Projections for Library Occupations

Did you know that there are only 25,900 college/university librarians in the country? And that the number who will be leaving the profession in the next few years exceeds the average exit rate for other occupations? These and other data points, along with links for additional information, can be found here.

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Photos of the World’s Most Stunning Libraries

How many have you visited?

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A Look at Moscow’s Libraries

Libraries are fulfilling much the same needs as those in this country. Read/listen to this NPR report.

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Prominent Authors Discuss the Power and Importance of Libraries

Rather than have we librarians as the only proponents of an institution universally respected, herewith are a dozen authors touting the influence of libraries.

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Tour of the Renovated Main Branch of the Jersey City Public Library

Come here for pictures of this restored municipal treasure.

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Welcome to the 2018/19 Academic Year!

We at the Library extend best wishes and felicitations to both new and returning students. Please remember that we are here to help you, no matter what your information needs. The regular hours for the Library look like this: Monday-Thursday 7:30am – 10pm; Friday 7:30am – 5pm; Saturday 9am – 5pm; Sunday 10am – 4pm . Changes to the schedule are here.

Here are some handy NJCU sites for you. When you need to contact a department or faculty member, use the university’s online campus directories.

To purchase textbooks for your courses and to see if there are used cheaper copies or a rental option, access the bookstore.

If you need to consult master course lists or catalogs, you may come to the Library or peruse the latest versions here.

And let us not forget the Office of Campus Life.

For those taking mass transportation, check this NJ Transit site.

Cafeteria hours, menus, specials, etc are available at this Gourment Dining site.

All students should read and be familiar with NJCU’s student policies. 

Also, please peruse the award-winning Gothic Magazine, read The Gothic Times (your student newspaper) and keep up with the Gothic Knights sports teams at this official and informative site. Learn about NJCU through this informative historical timeline and visit the accolade-laden Jersey City Past and Present. Make the most of your time here.

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American Libraries in 2018

The American Library Association has just released its 2018 State of America’s Libraries that reinforces the crucial role libraries play in the development of their respective communities be that academic, public, special, or school. Of particular interest is the summation of academic library activities on page 8.

Libraries act as both institutional repositories of knowledge and as centers of engagement through diverse offerings such as the provision of ESL classes to the creation of makerspaces to library instruction classes in colleges (in this latter category, 6.2 million students were reached). A brief but data-laden report highlighting libraries’ contributions to the populace they serve.

“Knowledge is power.” Francis Bacon, Meditations, 1597.

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The Irish/Ireland in the Printed World

A newly-established series of reports from OCLC examines the influence in printed works of specific nationalities; this report – An Exploration of the Irish Presence in the Published Record – highlights that “Ireland’s global cultural profile, and the widespread interest in “Irishness,” can be partially understood through the island’s manifestation in the published record. Using WorldCat, this publication offers reflections on the Irish presence in the published record, including its size and salient characteristics, evolving trends, and patterns of global diffusion.” (9)

Supplemented with tables and figures, the extent of Irishness in the printed world can be readily ascertained through the holdings in WorldCat, the world’s largest repository of library metadata holding more than two billion items. Who are the most popular Irish authors? The most translated? How many books deal with Irish-related topics? For such a small country, the Irish and Ireland have had, and continue to have, a significant presence in the published world.


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Largest U.S. Academic Libraries

Buried in the 2016 Digest of Education Statistics, is this table ranking the largest libraries by total number of volumes. Additional data such as the size of the staff, the number of weekly visits, hours of operation, etc. are also included.

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Early Years of the New Jersey State Library

For those of you interested in the formation and development of this state’s library, this short 2012 publication – Genesis of the New Jersey State Library 1703 – 1796 : A documentary history – should answer nicely. It is filled with extracts and title pages of both enabling legislation and first New Jersey imprints. It makes for a diverting and fascinating read.

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Library Hours for Spring 2018 Semester

It goes like this:

Monday – Thursday   7:30am – 10pm

Friday 7:30am – 5pm

Saturday 9am to 5pm

Sunday 11am – 5pm



Saturday February 17 – Monday February 19

Saturday March 10 – Sunday March 11

Friday March 30 – Sunday April 1


Exam Hours

Monday May 7 – Thursday May 10   7am – 11pm

Friday May 11                                            7am – 5pm

Saturday May 12                                      9am – 5pm

Sunday May 13                                         11am – 5pm

Monday May 14 – Tuesday May 15   7am – 11pm


Library services end fifteen minutes before Library closes.




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NJCU Library Hours for 2017/18 Winter Intersession

The Guarini Library will have reduced hours from December 20 through January 15. We will be open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm; we will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition we will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day as well as Martin Luther King Day, Monday, January 15, 2018; we will start the Spring semester on Tuesday, January 16.

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A Recent Interview With Congressman Frank J Guarini

This interview appeared in the online edition of The Jersey Journal, November 20, 2017. NJCU’s library is named after him because of his very generous donation to the University.

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