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2016 Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People

The lists are here with each person being profiled in a short biography/tribute.

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How Good Is Your High School?

The U S News & World Report’s 2016 iteration of its Best High Schools in America has just been released. Over 28,000 high schools were evaluated; you can search for them by state rankings – New Jersey is here. The methodology employed in this selection is explained. Charter, magnet, and STEM schools are also ranked.

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2016 Forbes Billionaire List Just Released

See who is number one (it shouldn’t be a surprise). Each individual has a brief biography and profile accompanying the listing. There are multiple ways of sorting the list: country, age, industry, etc. This feature also includes real-time ranking as fortunes increase or decrease over the course of the day.

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Median Salaries by Occupation and Sex

More than 500 separate occupations are listed in this Census Bureau Table Package and are broken down by sex and median earnings. You’ll find that there are a little over 114,000 full-time librarians working in this country as compared with over 2,000,000 registered nurses.

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2016/17 New Jersey School Aid by District

Please come here for a county-listed enumeration of what monies school districts are slated to receive in the proposed 2016/17 budget as announced by Governor Christie.

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Book Translations List

The Index Translationum from UNESCO contains two million records of books translated from over one hundred countries and spanning the years 1979 to 2009.(More recent years are in the process of being integrated into the system.) The information in this system is contributed by the national libraries of the cooperating countries.If you want to track a book’s history in other languages, this is a great place to start. For example, searching for Patrick O’Brian’s Treason’s Harbour from this page shows that this work has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese. In addition, you can find numerous statistics, among them Top Fifty Authors (the fiftieth author being the mysterious “et al”, Top Original Language, etc. “Last updates” indicates the timeframe for materials that are being processed for inclusion. And partners provides a valuable list of national libraries’ and international organizations’ websites.


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“Words of the Year” from the American Dialect Society

See the various categories for “words of the year“; see how “they” was the winner.



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