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Almost 3 Million Students Are Enrolled in Fully Online Programs

And that number does not include California! This is one of the main takeaways from the 2019 NC-SARA Data Report. Of that number, 1.5 million attend in-state courses, while the reminder have enrolled in out-of-state programs;. For those who do not wish to read the entire 63-page report, there is an informative overview of the report available along with a listing of the top ten schools offering online programs.

You might also want to peruse this Fast Facts: Distance Education from NCES; just remember that the NC-SARA totals numbers from fully online programs whereas the NCES figures reflects enrollments in online courses. In either case, enrollments trend upward.

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The Wealthiest in Congress

This 2018 listing from Roll Call lists every single Congressperson from the 115th Congress (2018), their net worth, and where that wealth comes from. There are multiple filters that can be employed as well as access to profiles and previous lists.

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The 100 Best English-Language Novels

Divided into several categories, these novels were judged by a literary panel as to be the tomes that have shaped our world. I am gratified to see that the Jack Aubrey novels authored by Patrick O’Brian made the cut; here is an interview with this author from The Paris Review.

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2019 National Blue Ribbon Schools Announced

Find out what New Jersey schools made the list. There are numerous filters at the main site to drill down the among the 362 schools that won this award; you can also access all the winners since 1982.

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New Jersey Second Best State in the Nation for Teachers

According to Wallet Hub’s 2019 Best & Worst States for Teachers, New Jersey ranks as the second best, just behind North Dakota; as it is, the Garden State ranks first in the “Academic & Work Environment” metric. Data were culled from both private and public resources. This high posting is reinforced by the Quality Counts 2018┬áthat also has New jersey at the number two position in educational quality and services.

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The Wealth of Every Member of Congress as of 2018

This listing that came out in 2018 will be re-issued in 2020 before the national elections. There are many filters you can apply to fine tune the results making it easier to find out the net worth of the current crop of presidential hopefuls who are almost all members of Congress. Links to brief biographies are also provided.

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New Jersey Colleges Listed in US News & World Report “2020 Best Colleges”

1400 institutions made the various lists; here are the New Jersey schools that did (NJCU is among them). We rank #33 out of 170 “top performers in social mobility”.

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