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What Are Regional Price Parities?

RPP measures “… the differences in the price levels of goods and services across states and metropolitan areas for a given year. RPPs are expressed as a percentage of the overall national price level for each year.” Another way of explaining this is the cost-of-living in various regions/areas of the country. For example, using 100 as the base point, the RPP for the New York area is 122.3, while the RPP for Beckley, WV is 79.7, meaning it would cost someone in the New York area $122.30 to purchase $100 worth of goods or services, while in Beckley $79.70 would purchase $100 worth of goods/services. Use this interactive feature to arrive at the RPP for state-level data as well as metropolitan/non-metropolitan data.

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What’s In a Name?

Well, plenty. The Dictionary of Medieval Names from European Sources provides documentation for first (given) names from numerous sources. It traces the appearance of names from 500 to 1600 as they appear in various countries. The diversity of the spellings of names is never more evident than in this tool; for example, “Frederick” and its many variants are cited hundreds of times from dozens of tomes. This site also gives the date of the first appearance of a name (or its variant) in the countries examined so far. Western European sources have been culled for their information; Eastern European sources are now being scrutinized. All in all, a fascinating project showing the richness and history of names and their development over time. FYI: It appears that the first mention of “Frederick” occurred in 814 with the spelling “Friderici”.

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Salaries, Perks, and Contracts for NJ State College Presidents

This feature from NJ Spotlight highlights the the various salaries and perks in the contracts of both four-year and two-year public college presidents in New Jersey. This is hard-to-find material and was obtained through numerous FOIA requests. Here is an article that discusses the benefits at length.

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Jersey City 2d Happiest City to Work In

At least according to this survey.

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Fastest Growing Private Companies in New Jersey

This list is courtesy of Inc. Click on the company name for more information. Previous years can be accessed from this site as well.

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2016 New Jersey Memorial Day Observances

Here is a list arranged by county; where available, websites have been added for the event.

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Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

Of the top eleven cities, five are in Texas. Data, charts, and key facts are all available here from the Census Bureau.

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