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The Wealth of Every Member of Congress as of 2018

This listing that came out in 2018 will be re-issued in 2020 before the national elections. There are many filters you can apply to fine tune the results making it easier to find out the net worth of the current crop of presidential hopefuls who are almost all members of Congress. Links to brief biographies are also provided.


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New Jersey Colleges Listed in US News & World Report “2020 Best Colleges”

1400 institutions made the various lists; here are the New Jersey schools that did (NJCU is among them). We rank #33 out of 170 “top performers in social mobility”.

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Top 100 Websites in the World

This infographic presents a list of these websites based on the number of monthly visitors; it should come as no surprise to learn that Google is #1. This feature also shows relational linkages as well as brief descriptions of the companies in question.

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Where Does Jersey City Rank in “Stressed Cities” List?

WalletHub ranked 180 major cities according to a set of metrics derived from public and private sources; the list runs from #1 (most stressed city) to #180 (least stressed city). Newark holds the #4 slot while New York City appears at #55. Jersey City is at #105, making it among the least stressed cities in this area; only Yonkers has a better rating at #116. This entry also lists the top five cities in various categories.

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The Top 100 Novels of All Time

Of course this list is bound to cause arguments or disagreements, but this enumeration is based on how many libraries (as tabulated by WorldCat) have these volumes on their shelves. Overwhelmingly, the volumes are American or English, and few are what you would label contemporary (with the exception of a couple of Harry Potter titles). Each novel is placed in a genre and the number of translations of the books is also given. How many have you read? (If my math is accurate, I have read 92 of them.) A fuller list of the top 500 novels is available and can be divided by genres; see how many science fiction novels made the grade.

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A List of the 17 Trump/Russia Investigations now Ongoing

It can be confusing to keep track of the various inquiries into President Trump’s putative associations with Russia. This list sorts it all out.

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New Jersey Laws Effective January 1, 2019

From smoking bans on beaches to new taxes on ride-hailing services, here is a list of 18 new laws for New Jersey. For a national sampling of laws going into effect in other states, please direct yourself to this MarketWatch site.

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