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Book Translations List

The Index Translationum from UNESCO contains two million records of books translated from over one hundred countries and spanning the years 1979 to 2009.(More recent years are in the process of being integrated into the system.) The information in this system is contributed by the national libraries of the cooperating countries.If you want to track a book’s history in other languages, this is a great place to start. For example, searching for Patrick O’Brian’s Treason’s Harbour from this page shows that this work has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, and Japanese. In addition, you can find numerous statistics, among them Top Fifty Authors (the fiftieth author being the mysterious “et al”, Top Original Language, etc. “Last updates” indicates the timeframe for materials that are being processed for inclusion. And partners provides a valuable list of national libraries’ and international organizations’ websites.


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“Words of the Year” from the American Dialect Society

See the various categories for “words of the year“; see how “they” was the winner.



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Who Are The Wealthiest In Congress?

It appears that this listing of all of Congress from Roll Call, starting with the richest and working on down, contains 192 millionaires based on net worth. Each profile comes with assets and liabilities; many also include notes as to the deficiencies of the financial reporting requirements governing Congress, leading most members to appear less privileged than they really are. Previous lists are also available. Another perspective, this one having even more Congressional millionaires (due to different number-crunching) is: Personal wealth: a nation of extremes, and a Congress, too from the Center for Responsive Politics.

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Best Books of 2015

Here they come! Library Journal has issued its best lists from cookbooks to graphic novels. Amazon’s best lists are out as well. The venerable Publishers Weekly has a listing, too. The Telegraph makes a contribution. ALA has 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults. NPR has its own list.  The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble, Forbes (best business books), School Library Journal, and Kirkus Reviews.More to be added as they are published.

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2015 U.S. New & World Report Best Colleges Rankings

The various lists are here. Find out where your own school ranks. Here is NJCU’s profile as well as all the New Jersey colleges on the list.

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NJCU Graduates Make Well Above the National Average

The College Scorecard, a massive data repository, has a great deal of information on NJCU as well as other institutions of higher education in the country. For example, NJCU grads make on average $41,900 as compared to the national average of $34,343. This indicator, combined with NJCU’s lowest tuition in the state and the lowest student debt load in the state (by thousands of dollars), make for an excellent return on investment.

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Does Your University Make the Grade in the QS World Rankings?

QS World University Rankings 2015/16 has just come out. See where your alma mater falls. You can limit by location, region, and faculty; a profile of each institution is included. The selection methodology is explained as well.

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