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Who Are The Wealthiest In Congress?

It appears that this listing of all of Congress from Roll Call, starting with the richest and working on down, contains 192 millionaires based on net worth. Each profile comes with assets and liabilities; many also include notes as to the deficiencies of the financial reporting requirements governing Congress, leading most members to appear less privileged than they really are. Previous lists are also available. Another perspective, this one having even more Congressional millionaires (due to different number-crunching) is: Personal wealth: a nation of extremes, and a Congress, too from the Center for Responsive Politics.

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Best Books of 2015

Here they come! Library Journal has issued its best lists from cookbooks to graphic novels. Amazon’s best lists are out as well. The venerable Publishers Weekly has a listing, too. The Telegraph makes a contribution. ALA has 2015 Best Fiction for Young Adults. More to be added as they are published.

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2015 U.S. New & World Report Best Colleges Rankings

The various lists are here. Find out where your own school ranks. Here is NJCU’s profile as well as all the New Jersey colleges on the list.

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NJCU Graduates Make Well Above the National Average

The College Scorecard, a massive data repository, has a great deal of information on NJCU as well as other institutions of higher education in the country. For example, NJCU grads make on average $41,900 as compared to the national average of $34,343. This indicator, combined with NJCU’s lowest tuition in the state and the lowest student debt load in the state (by thousands of dollars), make for an excellent return on investment.

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Does Your University Make the Grade in the QS World Rankings?

QS World University Rankings 2015/16 has just come out. See where your alma mater falls. You can limit by location, region, and faculty; a profile of each institution is included. The selection methodology is explained as well.

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NJCU Ranks #7 out of 402 in Washington Monthly’s Best Bang for the Buck – Northeast

Washington Monthly has issued its latest “Best Bang for the Buck – Northeast” edition in which NJCU ranks near the top. Several factors go into the calculation, among them net price. You can also sort this list by state or by name. See what company NJCU is in.

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According to Newsweek, These Are the Best New Jersey High Schools for 2015

Of the top ten best, New Jersey has 6; they are all “specialized” (magnet or academy) schools. McNair High School in Jersey City comes in at #172. The list can be arranged by state, college readiness scores, graduation rate, college bound, and the number of students in poverty. Clicking on a school’s name brings up additional salient information. This site also has a section entitled “Beating the Odds“: “Newsweek’s “Beating the Odds” list seeks to identify schools that do an excellent job of preparing their students for college while also overcoming the obstacles posed by students at an economic disadvantage. A star next to a school’s name indicates that it meets our Equity measure by helping low-income students score at or above average on state assessments.” The ranking methodology is included.

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