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Online State Encyclopedias – South Carolina

Based on the 2006 print volume, the South Carolina Encyclopedia has been augmented with additional resources such as media products and reproductions of primary sources. One can search alphabetically, or by category, time periods, regions. or counties. Each article ends with a bibliography of both online and print references where applicable.

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Online State Encyclopedias: Colorado

The Colorado Encyclopedia, although it is in “prototype” development, has enough information to provide a reader with a multitude of topics. Broadly arranged by people, places, events, and things, this site contains articles that include internal links, bibliographies, and outside sites of relevance. For instance, the article on Kit Carson is headed by the last photo of him and then proceeds to offer a reasoned biography of the man along with internal links to other articles in the encyclopedia and outside readings. Well worth a perusal.

There are now 23 online state encyclopedias that meet specific criteria for inclusion in this blog.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Kansas

Under the auspices of the Kansas Historical Society and the Kansas Historical Foundation, Kansaspedia contains almost 2,000 entries on the Sunflower State. One can search a general alphabetical list or look at various subsets: biographies, place, themes, or ethnicities. Most of the articles also provide embedded links to further exploration of this resources.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Wyoming

WyoHistory, the 21st volume of these online guides to state histories that we have discovered, delves into the background and development of “The Equality State”. One can view essays, search by author in the index section, go on digital field trips, or consult oral histories. Entries are supplemented with links as well as by listings of primary and secondary sources.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Kentucky

The 20th one we have found, the Kentucky Encyclopedia is another example of an historical encylopedia written and edited by scholars, funded by state and/or federal funds, and published under the auspices of either an historical society or a university press. This site allows one to browse the entries in alphabetical order, search full text, or employ certain pre-determined limiters; i.e., search by calendar, names, place, or map (this latter choice allows the researcher to pull up individual county/regional histories). All the results are extensively linked to other entries in this work and are accompanied by bibliographies. The Civil War articles are especially pertinent given the 150th anniversary of that conflict.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Minnesota

The 19th one we have found, MNOPEDIA, offers the reader articles dealing with all aspects of Minnesota. Though still in beta, there is enough information here to satisfy most readers. The articles can be accessed either by index or topic. “Expert essays” are more extended treatments, such as How Cities and Towns Shaped the State; most articles have links both in the main text and the bibliography. The links in some cases lead to the Minnesota History magazine, whose online content is freely available from 1915-2005. Most entries are accompanied by overviews or chronologies. or “turning points.” A fascinating read is Traveling Libraries.

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Online State Encyclopedias – Louisiana

KnowLA: The Encyclopedia of Lousiana History, Culture and Community is another finely produced, NEH-sponsored state reference work. Containing peer-reviewed, linked articles, KnowLA can be searched by broad categories, regions, time periods, and by keyword browsing. Articles are supplemented with suggested readings, interviews, documentaries, music, related entries, and with writings from the Louisiana Cultural Vista Magazine. This is the 18th online state encyclopedia we have found.

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