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Libraries in Science Fiction

In honor of National Library Week, here are a few links that deal with libraries and librarians in science fiction.

The first place to visit is James Gunn’s masterful Libraries in Science Fiction, arguably the most comprehensive review written at that time. Another worthy, more recent entry is located in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction simply entitled Libraries that contains a multitude of links. Devil’s Advocate – Libraries in Science Fiction is also worth a perusal as well.

The portrayal of librarians is discussed in: Images of Librarians in Science Fiction and Fantasy: Including an Annotated List; A Long Overdue Nod to SciFi’s and Fantasy’s Best Librarians; and Representations of Libraries and Librarians in Popular Culture, Particularly Science Fiction and Fantasy.

We can end this entry with Libraries in fiction quiz – test your shelf knowledge.

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Short-Form 2019 Hugo Award Winners and Contenders & 2018 Short-Form Nebula Award Winners and Contenders Freely Available Online

Most of the works in the shorter categories such as “novelette” and “short story” are available for you to read online. The 2018 Nebula titles are here; the 2019 Hugo titles can be perused here. Enjoy.

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This title had a run of 175 issues before it was folded into Galaxy. It had a roster of impressive editors and under the direction of Frederik Pohl garnered three Hugos as best science fiction magazine. All the issues are online.

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“Amazing Stories”

Founded in 1926 by Hugo Gernsback, Amazing Stories is considered the first magazine solely devoted to publishing science fiction; it is still being produced today, although in a diminished state. (The site appears dormant as of late 2017.) More than 600 issues of this title, featuring the greats of science fiction, are available online in all their garish glory.

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Free Science Fiction & Fantasy Stories Online

The Free Speculative Fiction Online site contains hundreds of stories from dozens of authors. You read works by Isaac Asimov, Gregory Benford, Philip K. Dick, and many more writers of renown. New additions are highlighted and there is also a “favorites” section. Considering the multiple sources you would have to consult to gather all these stories, this site provides a great service.

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Astounding Stories

Astounding Stories (its title varies) was first published in 1930; what is located here are full text issues from the beginning until early in 1933. Featuring lurid covers (many of reproduced in this selection), this monthly brought Ray Cummings and Murray Leinster to the public’s eye. Over the years, Astounding published some of the best science fiction under the tutelage of legendary editor John W Campbell, an author in his own right.; its successor today is Analog. For additional information on magazines of this kind (called “pulps”), this is a most informative site.

A book has just been published devoted to this magazine; you can read parts of it online.

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All the 2018 Hugo Winners and Nominees for Best Novelette and Best Short Story Are Online

If you want to read those stories that won the Hugo in the above categories as well as the nominees presented at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon 76), then this is the place for you. The significance of this year’s proceedings is delineated here.

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