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Dozens of Dr. Who Audio Stories Freely Available

For those who are fans of Dr. Who (me!!), there are many audio stories, professionally produced and featuring some the actors whom we have seen as the various incarnations of The Doctor. Enjoy!

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May the Fourth Be With You

And now that that is out of the system (pun intended), here is a mashup featuring all the major characters from the Star Wars series.

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Science Fiction Films

The following are just some sites that provide information on science fiction films and TV.

British Film Institute: Study Guides

Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: Media (Authoritative source; embedded within it is the equally reputable Encyclopedia of Fantasy

Film Quarterly: Forty Years, A Selection (see Chapter 3 on genre films)

Internet Movie Database. Arguably one of the most visited sites on the Internet. Try its genre page.

Internet Movie Script Database (hundreds of free movie scripts.)

Locus Online: Film reviews

Main Film Genres (what it says with numerous links)

Museum of the Moving Image. Research Guide. (Hundreds of links)

National Film Registry (Library of Congress)

New York Times Movie Reviews (every review since 1960 with selections from previous years also available; search by title, year, genre, critic, or country of origin)

Roger Ebert movie reviews. (Contains movie reviews and other features by the only film critic to ever win a Pulitzer. An interview with him is here.

Science Fiction Films (; come here for additional genre listings)

Short of the Week: Science Fiction (Short science fiction films with good production values freely available)


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2016 New York ComicCon Wrap-up

We are not ashamed to say that we are big fans of science fiction, that we have been reading it for more than fifty years. In fact, the first books we ever bought when we were ten years old were the first volumes of Horatio Hornblower and a handful of Robert Heinlein‘s novels. So while we did not go to ComicCon (we sent our son as our avatar), we do want to point you to this website that contains full-length author interviews and panel discussions. Enjoy!

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