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Live – Pope Francis Addresses A Joint Session of Congress

He will deliver his speech at 10am; it can be viewed here. It will also be permanently archived and a transcript should also be available.

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Governor Christie’s Platform for Reforming Social Security and Other Programs

This three-page factsheet outlines the Governor’s proposed revamping of the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and disability insurance programs. Actions range from needs-base assessment to raising the retirement age for full Social Security benefits. A transcript and audio of his New Hampshire speech where he outlined his proposals is online. Highlights of the speech are also available from NJ Spotlight; this site also hosts the Christie Page – its motto: All Christie All The Time.

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Full Text of Senator Cruz’ Speech at Liberty University

We are great believers in getting our hands on the primary source rather than learn about something second-hand. Therefore, you can listen to the pundits speechify about this speech, or you can read it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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University of Oxford Podcasts

Want to listen to hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts generated or sponsored by Oxford University? Then this is the place to go; the podcasts are arranged by series, people, or departments and colleges. You can listen to Vanessa Redgrave, a visiting professor, on theatre and politics or Andrew Lambert on the Napoleonic Wars; you can explore what the Faculty of History has to offer or sample the multitudinous offerings of the English Faculty.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Address to Congress – Live!

The number of people who want to watch this address has overwhelmed C-SPAN; we are viewing via the BBC or The Jerusalem Post.

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2016 New Jersey Budget Address

Compelled to fund the pension system in full and with crumbling infrastructure that requires an increase in the gasoline tax, Governor Christie’s budget address will be listened to/watched to divine portents for the short-term as well as the long-term. It will be broadcast on NJTV starting at 2pm.

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2015 State of the Union Address

For a video and transcript of the speech, the Republican response, and the reactions of many in Congress, please access this C-SPAN site. A previous blog entry discussed the history of this address to Congress.

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