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NJCU’s Mention in Mayor Fulop’s Ward A “State of the City” Address

And we quote:

“Two of the most important projects in the city are actually happening right here in Ward A. First, We are especially excited for the expansion of New Jersey City University’s campus here in Ward A, which will include new residential housing and retail space. This is one of the largest and most transformative projects in the entire city. This expansion will be located on a 21-acre vacant site here in Ward A. As mentioned before, it will include new residential housing, new student housing, retail including a brand new large supermarket for residents on the south side of the city. A project of this magnitude will have an incredible impact, and will bring new opportunities, jobs and activity to this underutilized area.”(10)

Read the whole Ward A address given on March 20, 2017.

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President Trump’s Address to Congress Tonight

I recommend going to C-SPAN for this speech. Not only will it be shown in its entirety, but a transcript will be available and the speech, as with any political event covered by this site, will be permanently archived.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: Presidential Inaugural Speeches

A brief overview of this event is given by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. This site presents a chronological listing of all the speeches in full text from George Washington to the present; in addition, it gives the wordage of each speech. The shortest speech?  Washington’s second inaugural speech. The longest was William Henry Harrison’s speech at over 8000 words. (BTW, delivered outdoors in a snowstorm, the speech lasted longer than an hour and a half. Harrison died a month later from pneumonia.)




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President-elect Trump’s News Conference

Starts at 11am today and can be found here.

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President Obama’s Farewell Address

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Major Speeches for Tuesday, July 12, 2016

There were three major speeches yesterday (technically, there were two, the other important event was testimony before a Congressional committee). President Obama delivered a speech at the memorial service for the slain Dallas police officers, Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

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Commencement Speeches by U.S.Government Officials

From presidents to legislators to judges, this C-SPAN site contains over 700 speeches dating back to 1963.

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