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What Keeps College Presidents Up At Night?

A heck of a lot according to the 2019 Survey of College and University Presidents. From admissions polices to funding to the high cost of textbooks to unreasonable demands placed by donors to college closings to foreign ties, there are more than enough challenges to keep presidents going 24/7. An overview of this report, supplemented with charts and links, can be perused here. The findings are based on 784 surveys representing 436 public colleges, 320 private institution, and 28 entities from the for-profit sector.


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Jersey City Narrows Gap in Population with Newark

According to the 2017 population estimates just released by the Census Bureau, Jersey City’s increase in population outpaced Newark’s growth, further tightening the competition for the title of New Jersey’s largest city. The numbers are:

Jersey City: 267,446 (2016) – 270,753(2017)

Newark: 284, 386 (2016) – 285,154 (2017)

Newark’s population grew by a mere 768 residents; Jersey City expanded by 3307 people.

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Jersey City Ranked Among America’s Fittest Cities

Employing multiple criteria such as “built environment” and “health behaviors”, the ACSM American Fitness Index has been released; Jersey City comes in at 69. The interactive index allows you to compare the top 100 cities.

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Best High Schools in Jersey City, New Jersey, and the Country

The 2018 US News & World Report high school rankings report has just been issued. More than 20,500 high schools, including charters and magnet schools, were evaluated against a set of criteria. Jersey City schools figure in the state rankings with three of the schools attaining medal status with McNair High School ranking 5th in the state and 68th in the nation with a gold medal to prove it. Here is the complete list for New Jersey schools.

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Higher Education Surveys

Inside Higher Education publishes numerous surveys of the various constituent players in the higher education sector. Recent reports investigate faculty attitudes toward technology, admissions directors concerns, and the workplace engagement of faculty. The reports are replete with graphic representations along with explanatory webcasts. Free registration is required.

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Jersey City Named “Top Ten City for College Grads”

Adding to the numerous accolades that are being conferred on Jersey City, has ranked Jersey City as #3 in its survey of best cities for recent college graduates. Over two thousand cities were reviewed for this undertaking; here is Jersey City’s profile. Please notice all the college towns on this list. Jersey City has never been known as a “college town”, but its amenities and services clearly act as an attraction for students right out of college.

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What Keeps College Presidents Up At Night?

Reading this report – 2018 Survey of College and University Presidents – might give us a clue. Here are some key findings:


• Sixty-nine percent of presidents say President Trump’s rhetoric has made it more difficult to recruit international students to their college.

 • The majority of presidents, 63 percent, remain confident that their institution is financially sustainable over the next five years. Fewer, 53 percent, agree their institution will remain viable over the next 10 years.

 • Presidents believe the business models for elite private colleges, elite private liberal arts colleges and public flagship universities are viable over the next 10 years. They are less likely to think the business model for community colleges is viable, and relatively few think for-profit institutions and other private nonprofit institutions have viable business models.

 • Nearly all presidents believe that additional colleges will merge or close this year, with 30 percent predicting that between one and five colleges will close, 40 percent between 6 and 10, and 29 percent more than 10.

 • Thirteen percent of presidents say they could see their own college closing or merging in the next five years. That is higher than the 9 percent of chief business officers who answered that way in an Inside Higher Ed survey last summer.

 • In terms of enrollment, college presidents are most concerned about enrolling their college’s target number of undergraduates and about enrolling students who are likely to be retained and graduate on time. Private baccalaureate college presidents are especially concerned about meeting enrollment targets. (6)

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