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International Women’s Day: Some Sites

Women Around the World: International Women’s Day 2017 (Statistics Roundup)

Women in Changing World Of Work: Facts You Should Know (via UN Women)

International Women’s Day 2017 Resources

UN Women Digital Library

Towards a Better Future For Women and Work: Voices of Women and Men (via International Labour Org, and Gallup)

Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report (Statistics Canada)

Fast Facts About Women in the EU (via EPRS)

Roundup: Fast Facts About Women in the United States (via US Census)

Women in the Workplace, Multiple Reports (via BLS; US)

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Women in the Labor Force: 2015 Databook

This report is replete with statistical and graphical information on the current status of women in the workplace. From educational attainment to job status, this valuable, updated tool provides a plethora of data. Here are World Bank figures on labor force participation by women throughout the world.

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Facts and Figures for Women’s History Month

Data and their sources as published via the Census Bureau. Also consult the 2014 edition of Women in the Labor Force.

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Lack of Women in Leadership Positions in Fortune 1000 Companies

If the proportion of women in Congress is pitifully low, then the absence of women CEOs is pathetic. According to Catalyst, women hold only a little over 5% of CEO positions. The list is arranged by the size of the company with a link to company-supplied biographies. These readings can inform the conversation: Women CEOs: Why So Few (HBR); Lack of female CEOs: Not just problem for women (CNN);Why Most Women Will Never Become CEO (Forbes); Advancing Women in Business Leadership (George Washington University); Women on Boards (Lord Davies Commission, UK); and The Glass Precipice (The Economist).

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Women in Legislatures Around the World

Did you know that out of 189 countries surveyed by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the United States is tied at 85 with San Marino for the percentage of women that serve in Congress? We are beaten by Burkina Faso, Moldova, and Slovakia, among others. You can also find the data arranged by region and world statistics as well as by parliamentary assemblies; additional material back to 1997 is also online. More in-depth treatment of both current and past Congresswomen can be found at Women in Congress from the House of Representatives; statistical information can be found in this 2014 CRS report – Women in the United States Congress: Historical Overview, Tables, and Discussion.

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Women as Authors of Scholarly Papers, 1665-2010

The Chronicle of Higher Education presents interactive data tracing the publishing patterns of women in academe. Not surprisingly, women’s contributions to the scholarly dialog are markedly different from their male colleagues. The information is broken down into 1800 fields and subfields of inquiry and is sortable by whether women are first authors or not, and by broad time period. According to the analysis, there are two million academic authors identified as women since 1665.

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What Countries’ Constitutions Guarantee Equality for Women?

Given that the United States seems incapable of securing equal rights for women in its governing documents (read this informative overview , consult this timeline, and read the Declaration of Sentiments), do not be surprised that we did not make this list from the Law Library of Congress.  But Angola made the list, as did Turkey, Albania, and Macedonia to name a few. Each of the countries has equality or non-discrimination provisions built into its constitution; many have both types of provisions spelled out. Every year, the Equal Rights Amendment is re-introduced to Congress; the last time in 2011, it was sponsored by New Jersey’s own Senator Robert Menendez.

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