President Trump’s First Speech at the UN

Here is a video of his speech made today.


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Guidebooks to Disaster Responses

These are two examples of handbooks used by governmental agencies to respond to “incidents”: Coast Guard Incident Management Handbook (IMH-2014) and FEMA Incident Management Handbook (IMH).

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The Importance of Non-Degree Credentials

Here are some major takeaways from this 2017 report –  Adult Education and Training: Results from the National Household Education Surveys Program of 2016 from NCES:

Usefulness of Nondegree Credentials and Work Experience Programs

  • A majority of adults reported that their most important work credential was very useful for getting a job (82 percent), keeping a job (80 percent), remaining marketable to employers or clients (81 percent), and improving work skills (66 percent) (table 7).
  • Among adults who reported completing a work experience program, 64 percent found them to be very useful for getting a job, 66 percent thought they were very useful for improving work skills, but only 37 percent considered them to be very useful for increasing their pay (table 7).  ((From “Key Findings”(4))

Numerous charts/statistics add to the utility of this document that suggests that there is a great demand for non-degree credentials, licenses, certificates, or work experiences. Here is an older but still relevant NCES report from 2015 – The Relationship Between Education and Work Credentials .

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Who Won What at the 2017 Emmy Awards

Here are the lists of the winners and the contenders.

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The House of Lords Explained

This centuries-old institution is highlighted in Customs and Traditions of the House of Lords. This brief but highly informative piece, supplemented by ample footnotes, traces the development of this deliberative body from its inception. Appendices delineating precedence and seating arrangements further bolster the usefulness of this document.

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NCAA and the Well-Being of Student Athletes

NJCU sponsored an extremely informative talk today by Dr. Brian Hainline, the NCAA’s chief medical officer, on the trends, data, and best practices that should be employed when dealing with the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of student-athletes who are  ambassadors from our university to the outside world. Here are some relevant links:

The Sports Science Institute of the NCAA, headed by Dr. Hainline, has many publications exploring the intersections of science, medicine, and sports.

This key article contains many of the points Dr. Hainline stressed in his presentation – A National Study on the Effects of Concussion in Collegiate Athletes and US Military Service Academy Members: The NCAA–DoD Concussion Assessment, Research and Education (CARE) Consortium Structure and Methods

PubMed Central contains almost 300 full-text articles on “ncaa medicine“; these articles are from only 2016-17! A search on “concussion sports” yields almost 600 full-text articles for the same time period.

The CARE Consortium “… endeavors to provide necessary infrastructure and scientific expertise to study concussion.” Please check its “Resources” and “Publications” tabs.

Here is a YouTube video of Dr Hainline discussing concussion and college sports; here is another one of him explaining what symptoms athletic officials should look for if they suspect a concussion.

The HEADS UP site from the CDC contains a plethora of useful information along with a credit-bearing training video for clinicians. Publications, reports, and fact sheets are here.

Please come here for the hundreds of bills and reports from Congress dealing with concussion.

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Latest Population Figures for Jersey City

The 2016 results from the American Community Survey have been released; they comprise hundreds of tables of information on any area over 65,000 residents. Use this guided search screen to explore the various data points available. Hint: When selecting the “geography”, choose “place” (assigned the number 160 on the list) to find all the cities that have information on whatever topic you are interested in. This can also be used to find information on Hudson County, the state of New Jersey, and numerous other states’ figures. FYI, the estimated population figure for Jersey City is 264, 161.

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