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Water Quality of New Jersey Beaches

The Natural Resources Defense Council has just released the 19th edition of its Testing the Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches. Find out what beaches were subject to closures or advisories due to contamination. This detailed study also provides information by state; New Jersey’s profile, with beaches listed by county, begins on page 292. Additional information can be gleaned from this 2008 CDC(Centers for Disease Control) report – Surveillance for Waterborne Disease and Outbreak Associated with Recreational Water Use…. as well as EPA’s Beaches page. Also, visit the Travel Channel’s best beaches list.


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Party Leaders in Congress, 1789-2012

For those interested in history, government, or political science, this document provides a wealth of information, descriptions, and historical tables concerning the following positions: for the House – Speaker, Party Floor Leader, Party Whip, and Conference or Caucus Chair; for the Senate – President Pro Tempore, Party Floor Leader, Party Whip, or Conference Chair. This Party Leadership site from the Senate offers a plethora of information as well; the House’s Office of the Clerk provides this House History.

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Condition of Education

This widely consulted annual publication “Summarizes important developments and trends in education using the latest available data. The report presents 46 indicators on the status and condition of education.”  Previous reports back to 2000 are available.

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2007 Public School Financing

This report examines in detail the financing and spending for the 15,000 school districts in the U.S. This publication and its accompanying tables reveal, among others items, that New Jersey ranks only behind New York in per pupil spending(NJ: $15691; NY: $15981). Information on individual school districts can be found as well; Jersey City is district #8230 when you scroll down the numerical list. The coded columns are explained here.

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Updated Socioeconomic Statistics for Hudson County

Actually, the Census Bureau has released updates for all the counties in the United States. Among the items of information is one that should not be too surprising for those of us who know Hudson County – it has no farms! But if you want the latest information on the population characteristics of Hudson County or any county in the U.S., this is the place to be.

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Cell Phone Use and Crashes

Of late, much has been made of government reports, held in secret for six years, which showed a positive correlation between cell phone use and car crashes. These reports are now available courtesy of the Center for Auto Safety after it filed a FOIA(Freedom of Information Act) request. The New York Times has initiated a series of articles on this pertinent topic. Here is the New Jersey  Motor Vehicle Commission’s take on cell phone safety. Cell phone driving laws for all the states can be read here.

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Statistical Information on School Districts

The National Center for Education Statistics has recently issued five reports generated from its Schools and Staffing Survey program. The reports profile school districts from many different perspectives: characteristics of schools, teachers, library media centers, and principals.  Each report is replete with statistical information and tables on a wide variety of areas; for instance, the report on teachers features information on the number of teachers broken down by race/ethnicity, their average class size, their base salaries, and highest degree earned. A fifth report presents highlights of these four reports. In all more than 13,000 schools in over 5,000 districts were surveyed for these reports.

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