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Democrats and Republicans Each Issue Their Own Final Reports on Benghazi

Let partisan politics reign! Since the members of the Select Committee on Benghazi stood along party lines during the conduct of its investigations, BOTH sides have released their own versions. The Democratic report is here, all 339 pages of it along with interview transcripts, while the 800 page Republican document is here


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2016 New Jersey July 4th Celebrations

For those who are celebrating, please remember that not all the fireworks displays are being held on July 4th; more than a few have their celebrations either on July 2d or July 3d. A listing by county is available; here is another county guide.

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New Jersey Assembly Bill To Hike Gas Taxes and Reduce Sales Taxes

We guarantee that this bill will have a lot of people talking.

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Jersey City 2d Happiest City to Work In

At least according to this survey.

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What is “Foreign Aid”?

This informative overview from CRS is arranged along an FAQ model and should answer many questions: Foreign Aid: An Introduction to U.S. Programs and Policies. You can also peruse A Primer on Foreign Aid from the Center for Foreign Development.


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Employment in the Publishing Industry, 1990-2016

This Bureau of Labor Statistics feature highlights the vast changes that have taken place with the rise of cable and the Internet. In January 1990, there were 455,000 people employed by newspapers, 28,800 involved with Internet publishing/broadcasting, and 50,400 working in cable. In March 2016, the numbers are 183,200 in newspapers, 197,000 in Internet publishing, and 63,800 in cable. Other publishing sectors are also traced over time. Other workforce statistics on the publishing industry (minus the Internet component are here; statistics on Internet publishing are subsumed within “Other Information Services” here.

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Historical Development of Thought in Western Europe

The Dictionary of the History of Ideas was published to great acclaim in 1973/74; it contains works by such scholars as Merle Curti, Peter Stearns, and Sidney Hook. As the preface to the e-edition states “…the Dictionary of the History of Ideas was a culminating work in a tradition that had been energized by the fight against fascism. It was a tradition committed to the pursuit of disinterested scholarship in the academic sphere and to free expression of thought in the political sphere ….” From the development of cities to the workings of biology, this four-volume work distills much of the work and thought of twentieth-century academics. The bibliographies, while obviously outdated, still provide valuable citations.

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