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Jersey City Development Map Now Updated Through September 28, 2018

This latest iteration still maintains all the features of the previous version; it is just a more recent version that reflects the amount of building activity underway or planned for this city. The Google Maps pages are a little behind recent development; for University Place, there is no mention of Hernandez Way.

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Recent Climate Change Reports the Present Administration Tried To Hide

On Black Friday, when most people are recovering from either too much feasting or shopping and are not paying attention to the news, the Trump administration released two reports that present dire consequences if the current policies and practices of this presidency are not cancelled.

The first report – Federal Lands Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sequestration in the United States: Estimates for 2005-14 – from the United States Geological Survey – while “simplistic” and limited only to production on Federal lands, does point to a correlation between high fuel production and increased greenhouse gases (19). This is the first attempt are measuring the impact of the fuel sector on levels of gases and sequestration.

The second report, the  Congressionally mandated – Fourth National Climate Assessment – addresses the various impacts that climate change presents and the forecasts are not good. Each individual section of this report resonates with a clarion call for action immediately if this nation is to surmount the encroaching challenges. For example, this statement is from section 4 and summarizes/reinforces other pronouncements in this important document “Future risks from climate change depend primarily on decisions made today.”


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Free Ad-Supported Movies Now on YouTube

YouTube has released its first batch of movies you can watch; they contain ads that appear on a regular basis. Many of these films were/are popular in nature.

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2018 New Jersey Political Movers and Shakers

The top 100 individuals are profiled here; the list runs from correspondents to pollsters to financial backers.

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New Jersey Early School Closings for Thursday, November 15, 2018

As of this writing, more than a few schools have already posted early dismissal times for today. This same site can be used for announcements about closings/late openings/early dismissals for tomorrow.

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What Did the 2018 Midterms Tell Us?

A lot! For one, it was the largest midterm voter turnout in over a century! For an informative, graphic-laden analysis of what transpired, and what will occur between now and 2020, please peruse this analysis.

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The University of Pittsburgh Press Digital Collection

For those interested in Latin American studies, this publisher has made numerous monographs freely available at its site. In addition, titles in Russian and East European Studies, as well as in Composition, Literacy and Culture are also available. A worthwhile repository of valuable out-of-print tomes.

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