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This NOAA site provides a great deal of information on this season’s devastating series of outbreaks. Did you know that the United States accounts for 3/4 of all tornadoes worldwide; that the Fujita Scale for measuring a tornado’s strength actually has an F6 designation for a storm of “inconceivable damage” with winds of 319-379 mph; or that New Jersey has experienced 146 tornadoes between 1950 and 2011? Other information can be found at: The New York Times, HowStuffWorks, NPR, PBS, USA Today, Joplin Globe, and The Oklahoman.


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NJ Supreme Court Orders Additional $500M to Abbott Districts

In a 3-2 ruling, the Court at 10am today ordered the Christie administration to fund the Abbott school districts with an additional $500M for the next school year; Governor Christie has acceded to the ruling.  The text of the decision is here. News/analyses can be found at: The New York Times, the Bergen Record, The Star-Ledger, NJ SpotlightBloomberg News,  and the Wall Street Journal. A great deal of information on the Abbott question can be found at the Education Law Center.

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Revised New Jersey Student Funding Data Released

Entitled Taxpayers’ Guide to Education Spending (the former Comparative Spending Guide), this report from the NJ Department of Education radically revises upward the amount of monies spent per student. All school districts are available.  For example, the average cost of educating a student went from $13,600 last year to $17,836 this year; locally, Jersey City went from $17,368 in the 2010 version to $21,824 in the 2011 iteration.  The whys and wherefores of these increases can be found at the Bergen Record, NJ Spotlight, Jersey City Independent, and the Wall Street Journal.

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What is the IMF?

Bank? Credit union? A tool of Western powers dictating to weaker economies, especially in the Third World? A regulator of markets? A reform-minded organization? Depending on your viewpoint, yes to any of the above. Here is what the IMF says about itself. Other explanations/information can be found at: NPR, CNBC, the Telegraph, CRS, Brookings Institution, Council on Foreign Relations, BBC, The Economist, The New York Times, and SourceWatch.

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2011 Summer Library Hours

During Summer I (May 23-June 27) and Summer II (July 5-August 8), the Library will be open Sunday, 11am-4:45pm; Monday thru Thursday, 7:30am-8:45pm. We will be open 8am-5pm on June 28-30;  and August 9-26. We will be closed Memorial Day weekend, May 27-May 30, and the July 4th weekend, July 1-July 4.

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New Jersey Education News

With end of semester activities and graduations, many of us have not kept up with the latest developments in the education sector in New Jersey. Herewith are some noteworthy events: Governor Christie has nominated Rochelle Hendricks as the state’s first Secretary of Higher Education, a cabinet-level position (Bergen Record, new jerseynewsroom); Governor Christie issued Executive Order No.64 mandating an examination of the “…appropriate level and content of financial disclosure applicable to the trustees of the State’s College and University boards”; he also appointed the members of the Education Transformation Task Force who are to examine the “red tape” in this sector and have recommendations ready by September;  the New Jersey School Boards Association overwhelmingly approved a resolution supporting the requirement of voter approval for any new charter school; bill A3852 and its identical counterpart, S2243 would legislate voter approval for any new charter school;  NJ Spotlight hosted a “Charter Conversation” which included acting education Commissioner Christopher Cerf; the New Jersey Comptroller has initiated a review into the compensation packages for all 19 community college presidents of whom two have resigned so far(, Bergen Record); and with increased tax revenues predicted for this year, education funding comes to the fore once again, especially in the Abbott districts (Wall Street Journal).

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2010-2011 AAUP Faculty Salary Report

The latest edition has just been released; NJCU is in it.

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