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Latest Population Figures for Jersey City

The 2016 results from the American Community Survey have been released; they comprise hundreds of tables of information on any area over 65,000 residents. Use this guided search screen to explore the various data points available. Hint: When selecting the “geography”, choose “place” (assigned the number 160 on the list) to find all the cities that have information on whatever topic you are interested in. This can also be used to find information on Hudson County, the state of New Jersey, and numerous other states’ figures. FYI, the estimated population figure for Jersey City is 264, 161.


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Analyses of New Jersey’s Key Industries

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has identified eight industries or “clusters” that have great economic impact on the state. For each sector, the LWD has produced an analysis replete with useful data on both state and national levels. In addition, many useful tools and economic indicators can be found at this site. A great place to start examining the business side of the state.

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2018 U S News & World Report College Rankings

This just-released report ranks thousands of colleges according to certain criteria. A New Jersey institution – Princeton University – is ranked #1 in the nation; here is the full list of New Jersey schools. Here is NJCU’s profileWe rank #7 in Campus Ethnic Diversity within the Regional Universities North sector as well as being highly ranked for Economic Diversity within the same sector.

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List of Additional K-Mart Stores Closing (Two in New Jersey) As Announced on August 24, 2017

The official list can be found here.

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New Jersey’s Economic Future

This new report from McKinsey and Company – Reseeding the Garden State’s economic growth: A vision for New Jersey – discusses the main factors that should fuel the state’s growth and employment future: encouraging the growth of young companies (incubators); infrastructure; workforce profiles; and growth incentives. Highlighting programs from other states (Virginia and Maryland) as well as a German university model, along with informative “exhibits” (exhibits 8-11 present a great amount of New Jersey-centric information) comparing New Jersey to other states and the nation, this brief report makes it obvious that New Jersey’s future can be bright, given the abundance of developing sectors in the state. The paper concludes by stating: “It will take dedicated efforts by the private, social, and public sectors—and the involvement of us all—to make the Garden State a growth leader again.All stakeholders can take encouragement from the experience of other states that have faced all the same challenges and hurdles—and remember the unique strengths that can make New Jersey a growth leader.”(25)




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50 Years Ago: 1967 Newark Riots

As described in the State of New Jersey 2014 Hazard Mitigation Plan, the Newark riots were: “The worst civil disturbance incident to occur in New Jersey happened in 1967 in Newark. The event was fueled by police brutality, political exclusion of African Americans, urban renewal, inadequate housing, unemployment, and poverty.”(5.14-3)

Relevant sources include:

1967 Newark Riot Timeline; Newark: The Slow Road Back (1987 NJN documentary on the aftermath); The Lilley Commission Reports and Hearings (“The hearing transcripts of the [New Jersey] Governor’s Select Commission on Civil Disorder (Lilley Commission) offer first hand accounts from over a hundred witnesses to the events that have come to be known as the Newark riots or civil disorders.”); Newark Evening News reports on the riots (Newark Public Library); Riots, Civil and Criminal Disorders : hearings before the United States Senate Committee on Government Operations, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, Ninetieth and Ninety-First Congresses (25 volumes, 1967-70); Photographs from The Star-LedgerPhotographs (Getty Images); full text dissertations on this; and The Newark Uprising of 1967 (Seton Hall University).



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What New Jersey State Offices Are Closed Because of the Government Shutdown

A full listing is available here. Please remember that this budget impasse does NOT affect local or county governments.

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