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2019 New Jersey Memorial Day Events

Parades, celebrations, and other events will be held throughout the state; this leisure guide provides additional activities. Here you will find a fuller listing for Hudson County.


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Renovation Plans for the Port Authority Bus Terminal Revealed

This 181-page scoping document presents three alternative construction scenarios to replace the aging structure, considered the world’s busiest bus terminal. Options include  rebuilding it while still having buses use the terminal, converting the bottom level of the Javits Center into a bus terminal, or using the bottom level of the Javits Center to accommodate long-haul buses and leave the terminal to service commuters, primarily from New Jersey. This press release provides additional information.

Here is a brief official history of the bus terminal; here is an FAQ about the master plan.

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State Financing for Higher Education, 2018 Report

While a few states have rebounded from the recession in their support of higher education, a vast majority have certainly not supported their state institutions. The State Higher Education Finance report for 2018 reveals the abysmal level of support for “state” institutions that in certain instances should negate the appellation of “state” due to the miserly amount of funding sent to these schools. New Jersey’s record of support has seen a steady erosion over the years and has dropped 27% since the recession, placing it among the least supportive governments. The report is replete with tables, charts, and figures along with additional supporting resources.

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New Jersey’s Plan for Higher Education

For years New Jersey has been without a comprehensive plan for higher education; now Where Opportunity Meets Innovation: A Student-Centered Vision for New Jersey Higher Education has just been released outlining the steps to be undertaken to make higher education in New Jersey a more viable and supportive environment for all students. As the executive summary makes clear: “The key to making these changes starts with a renewed commitment to students. This commitment is embodied in the vision for New Jersey’s Student Bill of Rights, which holds every New Jerseyan, regardless of life circumstances, should have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality credential that prepares them for life after college.” Steps and processes to achieve this goal are enumerated and expanded upon.

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How Did Your School/District Do in the 2017/18 New Jersey Report Cards?

A plethora of information are contained in the various reports that were issued this month: from languages spoken at home to metrics involving career and college readiness. Reports are available in English and Spanish; summaries are also given as some of these documents are 60 pages long.

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Major Report on Financial Waste in New Jersey Charter Schools

This report, based on countless documents culled during a year-long investigation, reveals an appalling system of financial waste with no accountability in the running of charter schools in New Jersey. Case studies are presented along with excerpts of texts, timelines, and interviews. A brief overview listing seven takeaways from this report is also available. For those involved in the charter school sector, this read is a must.

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NJ Proposed State Aid for School Districts 2019-2020

In Governor Murphy’s proposed budget for 2019/2020, many school districts will see an increase in aid; however, there will be some losers as well – Jersey City will lose over $27M. Here is a chart with all the figures for each district in the state.

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