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How New Jersey College Admissions Processes Have Changed in Light of COVID -19

How are New Jersey colleges navigating the uncertain waters of college admissions/campus tours/open houses during this time of stay-at-home orders and suggested travel restrictions? This NJ Spotlight piece sheds some light on what measures colleges are employing.

Many usefully relevant resources can be found at the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

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Tips for Online Teaching

The American Historical Association has published articles that introduce the world of online teaching, offering practical guidance as well asĀ  pertinent examples of what can be accomplished in the virtual environment. Links abound leading you to additional resources.

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Think Tank Reports on COVID-19

Since this crisis is worldwide, it is a good idea to see what mostly non-U.S. think tanks are writing about COVID-19. The ever-reliable European Parliament Research Service has compiled such a list.

Another great place to drop in on is the UK Parliament Library Research Briefings; numerous reports on COVID-19 are to be found there.

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Christmas Stories

Here you will find a collection of hundreds of volumes of stories pertaining to Christmas, some as far back as the 1840s.

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Jersey City Ranks #3 Among Cities That Best Integrate Immigrants

The 2019 New American Economy Cities Index examines how cities integrate immigrants into their communities; it utilizes various evaluative metrics to highlight policies and socioeconomic outcomes for this group. Overall, Jersey City ranks #3 out of the 100 cities highlighted; Newark comes in at #8.

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How Current Immigration Policies are Affecting Higher Education

This interview with Montclair State University’s director of international employment and immigration details some of the obstacles now facing both international students and faculty as they try to negotiate the labyrinth of more restrictive immigration rules. This situation is further examined in this piece – Visa rules are restricting the future of international students in the US; data from the 2018 Open Doors report from the IIE reinforce the above reports highlighting how enrollment for international students in this country is slowing down a great deal and the main culprit is the difficulty in securing visas.

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Heads of State and Their Cabinets

Who is president of Norway? Who is the minister for environment, water, and agriculture in Saudi Arabia? The CIA has compiled listings for all governments, some of them not recognized by the United States, showing the heads of state and their various cabinet ministers. The listings are updated, some as recent as this past month.

Compare the above to the United Nations’ Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers for Foreign Affairs or World Statesmen.

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