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Sears Filing Document Expressing Doubt About Its Future

And we quote: “Our historical operating results indicate substantial doubt exists related to the Company’s ability to continue as a going concern. We believe that the actions discussed above are probable of occurring and mitigating the substantial doubt raised by our historical operating results and satisfying our estimated liquidity needs 12 months from the issuance of the financial statements. However, we cannot predict, with certainty, the outcome of our actions to generate liquidity, including the availability of additional debt financing, or whether such actions would generate the expected liquidity as currently planned.”(48)  Here is the entire report as filed with the SEC.

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NJCU’s Mention in Mayor Fulop’s Ward A “State of the City” Address

And we quote:

“Two of the most important projects in the city are actually happening right here in Ward A. First, We are especially excited for the expansion of New Jersey City University’s campus here in Ward A, which will include new residential housing and retail space. This is one of the largest and most transformative projects in the entire city. This expansion will be located on a 21-acre vacant site here in Ward A. As mentioned before, it will include new residential housing, new student housing, retail including a brand new large supermarket for residents on the south side of the city. A project of this magnitude will have an incredible impact, and will bring new opportunities, jobs and activity to this underutilized area.”(10)

Read the whole Ward A address given on March 20, 2017.

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Where Are We With Judge Gorsuch’s Nomination to the Supreme Court?

Each nominee to the Supreme Court must fill out a questionnaire from the Senate Committee on the Judiciary; here is Judge Gorsuch’s completed form along with supplemental data. Other relevant reports from CRS are: Majority, Concurring, and Dissenting Opinions by Judge Neil M. Gorsuch (with abstracts of cases and citations); The Scalia Vacancy in Historical Context: Frequently Asked Questions; and Supreme Court Appointment Process: President’s Selection of a Nominee.






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“Uncle Tom’s Cabin” As It First Appeared

Many people are not aware that the great anti-slavery work Uncle Tom’s Cabin was first published as a weekly serial in the National Era; it appeared in forty-one issues and elicited many letters to the editor. As was not uncommon during these times, the first novel edition (2 vols, 1852) was different than its serial counterpart. Much more information on this work can be found here.

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Where to Find Your Polling Place in New Jersey

If you do not know where to go to vote, just enter your address at this site, and it will tell you where your polling place is.



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EdTech Reports – June 2016

TechTrends 2020 (STM); The NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Museum Edition; Internet Trends 2016; and Net Data Directory (Harvard, dozens of sites with Internet data).

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2016 New Jersey July 4th Celebrations

For those who are celebrating, please remember that not all the fireworks displays are being held on July 4th; more than a few have their celebrations either on July 2d or July 3d. A listing by county is available; here is another county guide.

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