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African Americans in Congress

The last time this guide was published was in 2012, so it is a welcome appearance for this iteration – African American Members of the United States Congress: 1870-2018. Culled from governmental and non-governmental sources, this resource highlights

  • “the total number of African Americans who have served in Congress by party and type of service;
  • the number of African Americans who have served in each Congress since 1870;
  • the number of African Americans who have served in the House and Senate by state, district, or territory;
  • the means of entry to Congress, including regular elections, special elections, and appointments;
  • the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) House Congressional Member Organization;
  • a listing of firsts for African Americans in Congress;
  • a listing of the African Americans who have served in leadership;
  • the records for length of service in the House and Senate; and
  • a listing of the African American women in the 115th Congress.” (Summary)

Numerous tables and figures add to the utility of this document. Find out why New Jersey’s Senator Cory Booker merits a special mention in this report. (The answer is on p.14).


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Mueller Grand Jury Indicts Russian Nationals

The indictment details their interference with the U.S. political system dating back to 2014 and explicitly states that they did indeed support then candidate Trump while issuing disparagements about candidate Clinton.(see page 4)

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A Recent Interview With Congressman Frank J Guarini

This interview appeared in the online edition of The Jersey Journal, November 20, 2017. NJCU’s library is named after him because of his very generous donation to the University.

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Books/Reports on Disaster Management

Recent events have certainly focused our attention on disasters and how we respond to them. To help provide guidance, the National Academies of Science have issued a topical list of freely accessible publications entitled Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Management Collection. Ranging from workshop reports on public health research during disasters to toolkits for crisis care standards, these timely documents will inform all first responders and other engaged populations of the necessary procedures to effectuate optimal measures in the provision of needed services.

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NJCU Named Among the “Best Bang for the Buck” Colleges in the Northeast

NJCU secures a ranking in this survey that highlights “…our [Washington Monthly] exclusive list of schools that help non-wealthy students attain marketable degrees at affordable prices.”

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Financial Times’ List of Best MBA Programs in the World

Come here to find the list. You can sort by multiple criteria, and each institution has a brief profile along with a diversity report.

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The 25th Amendment

Among options being mentioned for removing President Trump are impeachment and the 25th Amendment that deals with presidential succession. This provides for various scenarios in which the president declares himself unfit for duty or the vice president, in consultation with others, can replace the president. A brief overview is provided here. For those interested in the legislative history of this amendment: congressional hearings, its use during Watergate, and additional efforts to cement in place this transitional piece, please use this site.

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