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Is There a Substitute for Interlibrary Loan?

With the suspension of interlibrary loan in many areas of the country, are there any other options? Yes, there are. They won’t fully answer the amazing service that is interlibrary loan, but these tips can possibly mitigate the dire predicament we find ourselves in.

For journal articles, these steps might be handy:

1. Look for the title of the article in Google Scholar; you may find a full text version that way.
2. Possibly the Google Scholar search will not produce the article in question, but it may list other articles that have cited the original article and possibly those articles might suffice.
3. Look for the c.v. of the author. Many authors have secured pdf versions of their articles and posted them in their c.v.
4. Register for free at ResearchGate, a portal containing numerous articles from a wide variety of disciplines. Also, provides a similar service.
5. Search through preprint and depository sites.
6.JSTOR has Early Journal Content containing hundreds of journals. JSTOR also has free limited access to 2,000 journals through its register and read page
7. You can contact the author directly and ask for a copy of the article.
8. If it is absolutely necessary, one can always purchase the articles directly from the publisher though this a a very expensive alternative
For books, there are literally millions available online; here is a sampling of sites:

It might also be useful to consult Amazon where many of the books have a “look inside” feature; Google Books also contains a similar accessing point.

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Free Resources for K-12 Schools During the COVID-19 Crisis

Many educational tools, software, videos, texts are now freely available.

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How to Determine a Journal’s Ranking

The CWTS Journal Indicators presents bibliometric data on 20,000 scientific journals scattered among dozens of disciplines. This interactive feature allows a granular analysis of a journal’s impact in a specific sub-field; the methodologies employed are clearly delineated. The differences between the rankings in this tool and the “journal impact factor” are explained.

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Tips for Handling Isolation? Talk to an Astronaut

Talk about living for months in a confined environment. Three retired NASA astronauts with a great deal of experience in living in isolation give us their tips for surmounting what is for some a daunting prospect. At least we can breathe fresh air. (And the air is noticeably cleaner in areas where people aren’t travelling to work.)

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2019 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

This newest iteration has just been released and you have the ability to search for a  volume back to 1999 or by a specific country. These reports can be lengthy and very detailed and address a pre-set list of conditions/topics such as labor practices, media freedom, and academic freedom.

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CRS Reports on COVID-19

The Congressional Research Service, the think tank of the Library of Congress, has generated numerous reports on COVID-19 in response to inquiries by both staff and legislators in Congress. The reports touch on many topics of pertinent interest, such as: COVID-19 Economic Stimulus: Business Payroll Tax Cuts; COVID-19 and Direct Payments to Individuals: Historical Precedents; COVID-19 and the Cruise Ship Industry; COVID-19 and Broadband: Potential Implications for the Digital Divide; and The Defense Production Act (DPA) and COVID-19: Key Authorities and Policy Considerations. These are just a few of the recent documents made available.

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The “National Emergency Library” – Recent Free Online Books to Aid Students

The Internet Archive presents the National Emergency Library that is comprised of approximately 1.5 million volumes of primarily U.S. imprints of the 20th century. Previously access to these materials was dependent on a waitlist that could be quite lengthy; however, for the extent of this crisis, these materials are now readily accessible to all without the need to sign up on a list. All one needs to do is set up a simple account.

An informative FAQ has been drafted.

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