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Recent Supreme Court Decisions

This week, the Supreme Court ruled on various cases brought before it. For those who wish to read the preliminary published text of the opinions, please come to: Shelby County v Holder (Voting Rights Act), Fisher v University of Texas (affirmative action), Hollingsworth v Perry (California same-sex marraige), and United States v Windsor (Defense of Marriage Act). SCOTUSblog and Jurist, as always, provided excellent coverage.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: New Jersey at Gettysburg

As we remember the 150th anniversary of this battle termed the turning point of the war, let us not forget the New Jersey regiments that were at this pivotal event. Please go to New Jersey at the Battle of Gettysburg where you can find outline histories of the various regiments, the monuments erected to them on the battlefield (Gettysburg is peppered with monuments), and casualties suffered in this battle. Other New Jersey/Gettysburg-related material are also available: New Jersey troops in the Gettysburg campaign from June 5 to July 31, 1863(1888); Final report of the Gettysburg battle-field commission of New Jersey (1891);  History of Battery B, First New Jersey Artillery (1905); The history of the First New Jersey Cavalry (1871); War record and personal experiences of Walter Raleigh Robbins, from April 22, 1861, to August 4, 1865 (deals with the  First NJ Cavalry, 1923); History of the First brigade, New Jersey volunteers, from 1861 to 1865….(1910); Report of the Monument Committee of the Veteran Association of the 13th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, 1862-1865, the dedicatory exercises at Gettysburg, on Friday, July 1st, 1887….(1887);  Proceedings of the … reunion of the Thirteenth Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, 1886-1894 (1895); History of the Eleventh New Jersey Volunteers: from its organization to Appomattox : to which is added experiences of prison life and sketches of individual members (1898); Reminiscences of the war, comprising a detailed account of the experiences of the Thirteenth regiment New Jersey volunteers in camp, on the march, and in battle (1887); Roster of the Twelfth Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers : [oration by Col. William E. Potter, at the first reunion of the Regiment, Woodbury, N. J., Feb. 22, 1875] (1875) while volume 27, part 3 of  The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies contains first-hand reports from New Jersey officers at Gettysburg. For histories of all of New Jersey’s Civil War regiments, please go to Part 3 of Dyer’s Compendium of the War of the Rebellion.

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Racial and Generational Disparities in Wealth Building

According to this Urban Institute report – Less Than Equal: Racial Disparities in Wealth Accumulation – whites had double the income of Hispanics and blacks but six times the wealth in 2010. This has been an ongoing process for decades. It must be remembered that the term “wealth” includes not only income but insurance, savings, pensions, the ability to get loans for homes and cars (these are also indicators of wealth), and the means of passing along material goods to the younger generation (inheritance); all these are assests that need to be factored into the wealth equation. Other Institute reports include:

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National Security Reports – June 2013 Update

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Economic Crisis – June 2013 Update

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Runoff Election Results in Jersey City

Here are the results from yesterday’s voting. And let’s congratulate NJCU’s own Rolando Lavarro for securing one of the council-at-large seats.

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17th-19th Century British Pamphlets

As the opening to the 17th-19th Century British Religious, Political, and Legal Tracts site states: “The body of pamphlet literature of the 17th and 18th centuries is enormous. These pamphlets deal with every event and circumstance of the day, be it social, economic, legal, medical, political, or religious.” More than 20,000 pamphlets have been digitized and offer another avenue of research into modern British history. Type in “Lord Protector” in the author box and find Oliver Cromwell’s A declaration of the Lord Generall and his Councel of officers; shewing the grounds and reasons for the dissolution of the late Parliament from 1653; find out what was put out at the behest of Parliament; and see how many pamphlets deal with treason.

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