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NJCU Considered A “Halo Development”

According to GRID Real Estate’s “City of Jersey City Development Trends – Early 2019” report, NJCU with its PPP-sponsored housing/retail construction is trending hot and has been labeled a “halo development” signifying that this building activity is considered to have a positive impact on the surrounding community.

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We Now Live in a “Post-antibiotic” Era

According to this newly-released CDC report – Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States 2019 – “Antibiotic resistance is not only a U.S. problem—it is a global crisis. Resistance has been identified across the world. New forms of resistance emerge and can spread with remarkable speed between continents through people, goods, and animals. Inappropriate antibiotic use and inadequate infection prevention can increase the chance that resistance develops, spreads, and puts the world at risk”(8)

The report identifies 18 types of germs that have become/or will become antibiotic- resistant. These pathogens are directly responsible for 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections a year along with 35,000 deaths. (3) The report contains a glossary (7), threat assessments (16-17), and pathogen summaries (63-108). This is a call for more action, from developing newer drugs to combating the spread of these germs on the international stage.

This CDC section – Antibiotic/Antimicrobial Resistance – has additional information.

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Jersey City Ranks #3 Among Cities That Best Integrate Immigrants

The 2019 New American Economy Cities Index examines how cities integrate immigrants into their communities; it utilizes various evaluative metrics to highlight policies and socioeconomic outcomes for this group. Overall, Jersey City ranks #3 out of the 100 cities highlighted; Newark comes in at #8.

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The 100 Best English-Language Novels

Divided into several categories, these novels were judged by a literary panel as to be the tomes that have shaped our world. I am gratified to see that the Jack Aubrey novels authored by Patrick O’Brian made the cut; here is an interview with this author from The Paris Review.

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Watch the Impeachment Hearings Live

C-SPAN is providing complete coverage of the impeachment inquiry; it also will permanently archive the entire proceedings so they can be consulted at a later date.

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Recent Climate Change Reports

One Disaster Away (Center for Public Integrity) is a report series that will do deep dives into the four states most adversely affected by climate change, and how these states were instrumental in de-fanging the Obama-era Clean Power Plan; Ten Facts about the Economics of Climate Change and Climate Policy (from the Hamilton Project and Stanford University) investigates how climate change can have a deleterious effect on economic growth; Sea-level rise could flood hundreds of millions more than expected (MIT Technology Review); and Climate Change and Ecosystems (National Academies Press).

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Facts About Veterans Day

A little history and some background on this hallowed day are here; many additional facts and figures can be gleaned from this Census Bureau site.

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