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Photos of Senator Menendez on the NJCU Campus on August 30, 2017

He was here yesterday to talk about DACA and “Dreamers“. Additional coverage is also available.

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What Is Causing the Recent U.S. Navy Collisions?

Maybe this article from the Navy Times has the answer – Maybe today’s Navy is just not good at driving ships. This is further supported by a series of three articles published in Proceedings Today: Collisions: Part I – What Are the Root Causes?; Collisions: Part II – Operational Pause; and Collisions: Part III – Maintenance.

Required reading is the oft-cited 2010 Report of the Fleet Review Panel on Surface Force Readiness as chaired by retired Vice Admiral Philip Balisle.

Another important document is this 2010 GAO report – Navy Needs to Reassess Its Metrics and Assumptions for Ship Crewing Requirements and Training as is this 2017 report – Navy Readiness: Actions Needed to Maintain Viable Surge Sealift and Combat Logistics Fleets. Other GAO investigations on the Navy can be found here.

Numerous Congressional hearings on fleet readiness are also available online.

One should peruse this 2017 CRS report – Defining Readiness: Background and Issues for Congress

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What Role Did Online Media Play in the 2016 Presidential Elections?

Here is a major report from the Berkman Center – Partisanship, Propaganda, and Disinformation: Online Media and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election – that states “We find that the structure and composition of media on the right and left are quite different. The leading media on the right and left are rooted in different traditions and journalistic practices. On the conservative side, more attention was paid to pro-Trump, highly partisan media outlets. On the liberal side, by contrast, the center of gravity was made up largely of long-standing media organizations steeped in the traditions and practices of objective journalism”(abstract) Other reports of interest include: Social Media and Fake News in 2016 Election (Stanford); Did Social Media Ruin Election 2016? (NPR); Election 2016: Campaigns as a Direct Source of News (Pew); and Study: Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda (Columbia Journalisn Review)’

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“Alt” Terms Defined

This New York Times article discusses some the terms being freely tossed around of late.

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List of Additional K-Mart Stores Closing (Two in New Jersey) As Announced on August 24, 2017

The official list can be found here.

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What Books Do Highly Ranked Military Officers Read?

Please look at this list from the new book, The Leader’s Bookshelf. You might be surprised to find Isaac Asimov (it certainly has been his week in this blog) is listed as well as Patrick O’Brian (Among my all-time favorite authors. He wrote like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and those are both authors of whom I just can’t get enough.) P.S. I have read 30 of the 50.

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Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution in New Jersey

The TLD (transportation, logistics, and distribution) sector is impacting the state’s economy in a meaningful way according to the New Jersey Bureau of Labor Market Information’s 2017 report – New Jersey’s Transportation, Logistics & Distribution Industry Cluster. Some findings from this document are:

“In 2015, transportation, logistics & distribution employed 370,260 workers in New Jersey. The cluster employed 11.2 percent of the state’s private sector workers. Nationally, TLD accounts for just 8.8 percent of private sector employment.

The annual average New Jersey private sector wage for TLD in 2015 was $73,325. Total wages for the TLD cluster accounted for 13.2 percent of private sector wages statewide.

TLD contributed more than $56.8 billion to the state’s Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP -chained 2009 dollars) in 2015, the fourth highest dollar amount per state nationwide. New Jersey accounted for more than four percent of the nation’s GDP generated from TLD.”(5)

So critical is TLD to New Jersey’s economy that the state’s Employment and Training Commission has identified this sector as one of six sectors key to the future economic and workplace development of this state. And New Jersey Career Connections has a separate page for TLD that includes the various credentialing agencies in this field.

Additional news on this subject can be found at:

NJ Strives to Stay Ahead in Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (NJ Spotlight); What is ‘TLD,’ and why might it be some NJ kids’ best shot at success in life? (NJ; and NJ becoming the warehouse state, and that means more jobs (Asbury Park Press).

This site offers compelling reasons why New Jersey is an TLD hub.


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