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Here is What Governor Christie Said About Higher Education in His 2014 Budget Speech

To quote:

Now, in higher education, I am once again proposing to increase student assistance through the Tag Grant Program. The budget calls for an increase of $17 million in Tag funding. And I am restoring aid to independent colleges with a $1 million increase in their funding.

The voters also agreed with me that we needed to invest capital in our state colleges and universities. For the first time in a quarter century, they voted overwhelmingly to invest in our children’s future. We will put to work this spring over $1.6 billion in state and private funds to build classrooms, laboratories and other facilities to grow and modernize our higher education system.

The correlation between the ability to get a job, a higher income, and educational attainment is clear. So let’s make the path to college available to every New Jerseyan who’s willing to do the work to get there.

The full text of his speech is here

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How Many Men Are Nurses?

This just-released report from the Census Bureau – Men in Nursing Occupations – indicates that almost 10% of the nation’s 3.5 million nurses are men. Among the highlights of this report are:  male nurses outearn female nurses, $60, 700 to $51, 000; 41% of nurse anesthetists are males; and in 1970, men comprised 2.7% of RNs while in 2011, they made up 9.6% of this group. For those with an interest in history, here is a brief article on Trained Male Nurses from the August 6, 1892 issue of The British Medical Journal.

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Governor Christie’s 2014 Budget Address at 3pm Today

You can watch it live here. Advance ruminations of his speech can be found at: PolitickerNJ, The Star-Ledger (with valuable links), NJSpotlight, and The Bergen Record

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New Jersey to Lose Over $100 Million This Year If Sequester Goes Through

The White House has just released its state-by-state analysis of the impact of the sequester if it goes through on Friday. New Jersey loses over $100 million; there’ll be less work-study monies, fewer vaccines for children, and a reduction in the Head Start program. The other states are listed here.

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How Did Students from the Five Most Populous States Do in the Nation’s Report Card?

Why is this important? Because, according to NCES report Mega-States, California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas educate more than 40% of the nation’s students and “They now serve more than half of the nation’s English language learners (ELL), as well as some of the largest concentrations of children from lower-income families.”(1) As the nation changes demographically, educational policy-makers will look to these states to see what works and doesn’t work. In this report will be found: academic performance over the years, comparison to the nation and among the five states, what student groups gained, and what groups performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level. The test results are for those in mathematics, reading and science. With New Jersey also witnessing an increasingly diverse population, this report should prove of value to this state’s educators and leaders.

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Getting Old in New Jersey and Elsewhere

This survey from AARP – Quick Health Facts 2012 – presents selected data on these topics as it pertains to the aging population: demographics, health expenditure and financing, health status 50+, and prevention and utilization. State-level data is compared to the national averages. All fifty states are included, and the previous reports are online as well. Another AARP report worth consulting is Across the States: Profiles of Long-Term Services and Supports. Additional relevant sources are: 2012 Older Americans: Key Indicators of Well-Being (Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics); Medicare (Kaiser Family Foundation); and New Jersey Division of Aging Services.

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Economic Crisis – February 2013 Update

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