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100 years Ago Today – The Black Tom Explosion

A good overview of this event that occurred in Jersey City  before the United States was officially entered into World War 1 can be found at the Jersey City Past and Present project. Contemporary newspaper accounts are here. Here is an FBI précis on this devastating sabotage.


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Middle English Works

For those with a appreciation for how English has developed and changed over the years, these Middle English prose and poetry works might be of interest.

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Database of Inspector General Reports

Every federal agency has an office of the inspector general (OIG) embedded within it as per the Inspector General Act of 1978. Currently, there are almost 50,000 OIG reports out there; they have all been collected at this site where you can sort by date, agency or key terms. This is an up-to-date enterprise; the latest OIG report here is dated June 30, 2016. So when you hear about OIG reports on the news, odds are it is in this database.

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Irish Tales and Poetry

The Irish Texts Society publishes critical, translated editions of classic Irish poetry, tales, and the occasional history; most of these editions, even though some are a century old, are still considered the best of their kind. The first twenty-four volumes are split between here and here.

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Full Text of the Missing Chapter in the 9/11 Report

This 28-page document has been kept under wraps for thirteen years. Now you can read it here.

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Online Primary Sources for American History: Iowa

This three-volume work – Documentary material relating to the history of Iowa – contains legislative acts as well as texts pertaining to state constitutions and the establishment of local laws when Iowa was a territory and then when it became a state.

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College Tuition and Fees Rise 4% in 2015/16

That is one of the findings from Postsecondary Institutions and Price of Attendance in 2015-16; Degrees and Other Awards Conferred: 2014-15; and 12-Month Enrollment: 2014-15: First Look (Preliminary Data) issued by the National Center for Education Statistics. Other findings include: 1.9 million bachelor’s degrees were awarded, and there are many more women in college than men. (Table 3)


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